Art on film, film on art

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  • Explores innovative ways to present art through moving image media. Each program begins with a conversation between filmmakers and art experts who explore ideas about collaboration as well as ideas about filmmaking.


  • Videodisc release of short films produced between 1988 and 1991.
  • DVD-R ; NTSC, Region 1 ; 4:3 aspect ratio ; color.
  • English dialogue, except 1867 in French and German with English subtitles, or no narration with English text on screen.


  • Program 1: Balance: film/art. The Fayum portraits, funerary paintings of Roman Egypt (15 min.) ; 1867 (14 min.) ; Ma, space/time in the garden of Ryoan-ji (16 min.) -- Program 2: Film sense/art sense. Giorgione's Tempest, the first romantic painting (11 min.) ; Trevi (17 min.) ; A window to heaven (20 min.) -- Program 3: Film form/art form. Leonardo's Deluge A mosque in time (8 min.) ; Sainte-Geneviève, the pantheon of domes Program 4: Film voice/art voice. De artificiali perspectiva, or, Anamorphosis Architecture of transcendence (9 min.) ; Painted earth, the art of the Mimbres Indians (15 min.) -- Program 5: Film/art: Subject and expert. Gombrich themes: Part 1, Illumination in art and nature (26 min.) ; Part 2, Reflection in art and nature (20 min.) ; A day on the Grand Canal with the emperor of China or surface is illusion but so is depth (46 min.)
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