The art of natural building : design, construction, resources

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  • <div>The original, complete, user-friendly introduction to natural building, now fully revised and updated</div>


  • Issued as part of the Canadian Electronic Library. Canadian publishers collection.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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  • Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Foreword to the First Edition; Foreword to the Second Edition; Acknowledgments; Introduction: An Open Door; Part One: The Context for Natural Building; 1. The Case for Natural Building; 2. Natural Building: A Global Tradition; 3. The Importance of Housing Ourselves; 4. Natural Building and Social Justice; 5. Sustainability and Building Codes; 6. Can My Natural Home Get a LEED Rating?; 7. Life-Cycle Cost and Value of Four Houses; 8. In Defense of Craft; Part Two: Design and Planning; 9. Designing for Vitality; 10. The Healthy House
  • 11. Eighteen Design Principles to Make Square Feet Work Harder12. Designing with the Sun; 13. Natural Building for Cold Climates; 14. Hybrid Homes: Combining Natural Materials for Energy Efficiency; 15. Remodeling with Natural Materials; 16. Siting a Natural Building; 17. The Permaculture House; 18. Complementary Systems for Energy-Efficient Homes; 19. Regenerative Building: An Ecological Approach; 20. Building the Natural Village: A Strategy for Repairing Cities; Part Three: Natural Building Materials and Techniques; 21. Natural Building Materials: An Overview
  • 22. Foundations for Natural Buildings23. Stone Masonry; 24. Adobe Building; 25. A Brief History of Cob Building; 26. Rammed Earth: From Pisé to PISE; 27. Compressed Earth Blocks; 28. Building with Earthbags; 29. Digging in for Comfort; 30. Cordwood Masonry: An Overview; 31. Straw Bale Building: Lessons Learned; 32. Building with Hemp; 33. Light-Clay: An Introduction to German Clay Building Techniques; 34. Wattle and Daub; 35. The Evolution of Timber Framing; 36. The Art of Timber Framing; 37. Small-Diameter Roundwood: An Underused Building Material; 38. Bamboo Construction
  • 39. Waste Not, Want Not: Building with Trash40. Earthships: An Ecocentric Model; 41. Papercrete: Homes from Waste Paper; 42. Roofs for Natural Building; 43. Green Roofs with Sod, Turf or Straw; 44. Thatching Comes to America; 45. Natural Insulation; 46. Rice Hulls for Insulation; 47. Earthen Floors; 48. Earth Plasters and Alis; 49. Working with Lime; 50. Natural Paints and Finishes; Part Four: Building the Global Village; 51. Shelter and Sustainable Development; 52. Sustainable Building as Appropriate Technology; 53. Woodless Construction in the Sahel
  • 54. Straw Bales in China: Housing for the People55. Improving Vernacular Housing in Western China; 56. PAKSBAB: Seismically Safe Straw Bale Homes in Pakistan; 57. Earthen Building Comes to Thailand; 58. Natural Building Thrives in Argentina; 59. Builders Without Borders; 60. Ecovillages and Sustainable Communities; 61. Tlholego Village: A Sustainable Community in South Africa; 62. Building with Earth in Auroville; 63. Friland: Affordable Housing in Community; 64. Evolving a Village Vernacular in Missouri; Index
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