Innovation in energy law and technology : dynamic solutions for energy transitions

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  • As energy innovation becomes imperative for the environment and energy security, the law must be fleet-footed to evolve in an unwieldy area of policy. This much-needed text assembles experts to analyse the most recent developments, and to postulate how human rights, sustainable development, and the eradication of energy poverty could be achieved.


  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • How Technological and Legal Innovation Are Transforming Energy Law / Donald Zillman, Martha Roggenkamp, Leroy Paddock and Lee Godden -- Climate Change Legislation: Law for Sound Climate and Energy Transition Policy Making / Barry Barton and Jennifer Campion -- Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Economy: The Legal Agenda / Alastair R. Lucas and Chidinma B. Thompson -- Smart Cities and Smart Regulation: Accelerating Innovative Renewable Technologies in Energy Systems to Mitigate Climate Change / Anita Ronne -- 'Techno-nationalism' in the Context of Energy Transition: Regulating Technology Innovation in Offshore Wind Technologies / Catherine Banet -- International Regulatory Challenges of New Developments in Offshore Nuclear Energy Technologies: Transportable Nuclear Power Plants / Catherine Redgwell and Efthymios Papastavridis -- Innovation in Nuclear Power: How We Got Here and How to Move Forward / Daniel F. Stenger / Amy C. Roma, Sachin Desai -- 'Hydrogen Economy' in the United States and the European Union: Regulating Innovation to Combat Climate Change / Ruven Fleming and Joshua Fershee -- Regulating Electricity Storage in the European Union: How to Balance Technical and Legal Innovation / Matthijs van Leeuwen and Martha Roggenkamp -- Regulation of Electricity Storage, Intelligent Grids and Clean Energies in an Open Market in Mexico / Jose Juan Gonzalez Marquez and Margarita Gonzalez Brambila -- Coal Dilemma: Innovations in Thermal Production in Colombia as a Means to Address the Challenges of Energy Security and Climate Change / Milton Fernando Montoya -- Torturous Path to Efficiency and Innovation in Heat Supply: Lessons from the Russian Experience with District Heating / Anatole Boule and Sergey Seliverstov -- Unconventional Gas Development 2.0: Reducing the 'Environmental Footprint' Through New Technologies / Don C Smith -- Challenges to Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing in South Africa: Technological Innovation and Law Making for Climate Change at the Crossroads / Hugo Meyer van den Berg and Hanri Mostert -- Innovation in the EU Gas Sector: Injection of Biomethane into the Natural Gas System / Martha Roggenkamp, Jacob Sandholt and Daisy G. Tempelman -- Transitioning to a Lower Carbon Future: Phasing out Coal and Promoting Renewables in Alberta's Electricity Sector / Nigel Bankes -- Support for Renewable Energies and the Creation of a Truly Competitive Electricity Market: The Case of The European Union / Inigo del Guayo Castiella -- Technological Innovation and the Reform of the Chinese Electric Power System / Wang Mingyuan and Gao Lailong -- Financing Renewable Energy in Brazil: Challenges of Climate Change and Innovation / Yanko Marcius de Alencar Xavier and Anderson Souza da Silva Lanzillo -- Advancing Innovations in Renewable Energy Technologies as Alternatives to Fossil Fuel Use in the Middle East: Trends, Limitations and Ways Forward / Damilola S. Olawuyi -- Energy Supply Planning in a Distributed Energy Resources World / LeRoy Paddock and Karyan San Martano -- Smart Infrastructure: Innovative Energy Technology, Climate Mitigation, and Consumer Protection in Australia and Germany / Lee Godden and Anne Kallies -- Conclusion / Donald Zillman, Martha Roggenkamp, LeRoy Paddock, and Lee Godden
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