Ecological integrity, law and governance

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Ecological integrity, ethics and the law -- The state v. the environment : the ethical and legal implications for state non-action in protecting the foundations of life / Kathryn A. Gwiazdon -- Critical and analytical considerations on climatic ethics / Marco Ettore Grasso -- Addressing climate change in a digital age / Rose A. Dyson -- Funding policy choices : tax and global financial secrecy / Michelle Gallant -- Bruno Latour on ecology and Christian religion / Philippe Crabbé -- Public health, environmental disasters and crimes against humanity -- Reforming reparations for mass human rights abuses : a Canadian model / Kathleen Mahoney -- The struggle over the Dakota access pipeline in the context of native American history / Joseph W. Dellapenna -- Navigating complexity, promoting health: insights from the emergence of "ecohealth" and "one health" / Colin L. Soskolne, Martin J. Bunch, Colin D. Butler and Margot W. Parkes -- Trading health : a community health impact assessment perspective of the trans-Pacific partnership -- Robert Rattle and Laura Tomie -- Indirect health effects consequent to the Fukushima nuclear accident, March 11, 2011 / Yuliya Lyamzina -- Civil society preventing environmental disasters / Anne Venton -- A global update on the ambit of unconventional gas mining and an alternative framework for mediating energy demands / Janice Gray -- New challenges to global governance -- The reactionary turn in American environmental policy : the Trump effect / Sheila D. Collins -- Moving from environmental law to ecological law : frameworks, priorities and strategies / Geoffrey Garver -- Achieving traction for ethics in environmental policy-making / Donald A. Brown -- Planet ocean and marine protected area : an opportunity for ecological commons governance / Prue Taylor -- The future of ecological integrity -- Towards world federalism for international peace and a sustainable environment / Peter Venton -- A utopian democratic revolution to overcome flawed democracy and ecological catastrophe / Donato Bergandi -- Can the philanthropic imperative enhance international health care? / Paul Carrick -- The uses of poetry to effect positive climate-change policy / Joan Gibb Engel -- Can the earth charter movement be renewed? the covenantal promise of the earth charter movement / J. Ronald Engel -- Conclusion-the ever-increasing importance of ecological integrity in international and national law -- Klaus bosselmann
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