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LEADER02657cam a2200457Ii 4500
001 991022275825402122
005 20180621073120.5
008 170310s2018 nyu 000 0 eng d
010    $a 2017944633
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049    $aGZMA
050 _4 $aPS3619.I556$bH43 2018
082 14 $a[Fic]
100 1_ $aSimo, Ana$eauthor.
245 10 $aHeartland /$cAna Simo.
250    $aFirst Restless Books paperback edition
264 _1 $aBrooklyn, New York :$bRestless Books,$c2018.
300    $a229 pages ;$c21 cm
336    $atext$btxt$2rdacontent
337    $aunmediated$bn$2rdamedia
338    $avolume$bnc$2rdacarrier
520    $a"There's only one solution for a nasty case of writer's block, and that's murder. Specifically, that of one Mercy McCabe, a stunning SoHo art dealer who was once our Latina narrator's rival for the scrumptious Bebe. When she discovers that McCabe has squandered Bebe's affections after stealing her away, revenge is not enough: McCabe must confess her guilt, sentence herself, and beg for her own execution, Soviet-style. In the all-too-terrifyingly-familiar America of Heartland, the inconceivable has become ordinary: corruption and greed at the top have led to mass starvation in the heartland; hordes of refugees have escaped resettlement camps and attack the cities; a puritanical Caliphate has toppled Constantinople, with America in its sights. Meanwhile, escaping her New York life in disguise, our heroine lures McCabe to her home turf: a hilltop house in the Great Plains where her parents worked as domestic servants. Her nemesis, though, is slippery, and McCabe disappears, threatening to ruin a homicidal masterplan so detailed as to be akin to love. Heartland is a hilarious, genre-defying debut that confronts taboos of race, assimilation, and sex through a high-voltage tale of love, language, and revenge." -- Publisher's description
650 _0 $aAmerican fiction$y21st century.
650 _7 $aAmerican fiction.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst00807048
648 _7 $a2000-2099$2fast
655 _7 $aDystopian fiction.$2lcgft
655 _4 $aDystopian fiction.
655 _4 $aNoir fiction.
655 _7 $aDystopian fiction.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01921637
950    $a20180813$bgobi$cc$dp$egls$9local


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