The Fall of France

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  • When Hitler claimed restitution of Sudetenland, France and Britain abandoned their ally. Ignoring offers to help defend the Czechs, French leaders met with Hitler in Munich in Sep. 1938. Hitler performed like a statesmen, and French leaders signed a treaty that was in fact a death warrant for their own countries. Hitler felt that the floodgates were open and the wave became unstoppable.


  • Originally released by Total Content Digital, 2014.
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  • National Socialism (3:02); German Occupation (2:23); Phony War (2:38); Germany Attacks (3:00); Parallel Attack (3:12); Maginot Line (3:03); Panzer Attacks (4:26); Churchill Arrives (3:02); Withdrawing British Expeditionary Forces (2:32); Battle of Arras (3:53); Planning Operation Dynamo (3:14); Operation Dynamo (4:17); Germans Enter Dunkirk (4:27); Creating Peace? (3:38); Credits: The Fall of France (0:15)
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