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100 1_ $aMandal, Dipak K.$eauthor.
245 10 $aPericyclic Chemistry :$bOrbital Mechanisms and Stereochemistry /$cDipak K. Mandal.
264 _1 $aAmsterdam, Netherlands :$bElsevier,$c[2018]
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588    $aOnline resource; title from PDF title page (EBSCO, viewed March 29, 2018).
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
520    $a"Pericyclic Chemistry: Orbital Mechanisms and Stereochemistry is a complete guide to the topic that is ideal for graduate students, advanced undergraduate students and researchers in organic chemistry. An introduction to molecular orbital theory and relevant stereochemical concepts is provided as background, with all four classes of pericyclic reactions discussed and illustrated with orbital picture representations. Also included are chapters on cycloadditions, the most versatile class, and electrocyclic reactions, sigmatropic rearrangements and group transfer reactions. A separate chapter on the construction of correlation diagrams is also included, emphasizing a practical, hands on approach. Author Dipak Kumar Mandal brings over 30 years of teaching experience to the topic and illuminates pericyclic chemistry with a clear and fresh perspective. Comprehensive guide featuring unifying mechanistic approaches, stereochemical details and novel rules and mnemonics to delineate product stereochemistryIncludes two background chapters on molecular orbitals and stereochemical conceptsEmphasizes a theoretical understanding using perturbation theory (Salem-Klopman equation) and physical insights from orbital and state correlation analyses"--$cProvided by publisher.
650 _0 $aPericyclic reactions.
650 _7 $aSCIENCE / Chemistry / Physical & Theoretical.$2bisacsh
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