Macs in law : the definitive guide for the Mac-curious Windows-using attorney

Burney, Brett, author
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  • Includes index.


  • Introduction : Is it really possible to run a law practice on a Mac? -- Section 1. Who is this book for? (spoiler: it's not for everyone) -- Why are some lawyers switching to Macs? -- Mindset checkup : do you view technology as a necessary evil or a wise business investment? -- The co$t of slow -- Spend money where you spend your time -- Is the "switch" really worth it? -- Section 2. Mac myths : punching holes in outdated beliefs -- Macs are too expensive! -- I don't know how to use a Mac and it'll take too long to learn! -- I won't be able to share files with Windows users! -- I'll be an outlier and forced to cope with endless workarounds! -- My IT says it's not possible and I shouldn't try it! -- There's no legal software available for Macs! -- Section 3. Answering your questions about running a Mac-based law firm -- Will Macs solve my headaches and downtime? -- Are Macs really more secure? -- Is the software i need to run my practice available on the Mac? -- How can I get my staff to buy into the change? -- Who can help me through this process? -- Section 4. How do I get started? : a road map for moving your firm to Macs -- Step 1: Take inventory of what you already have -- Step 2: Find an IT consultant to guide you -- Step 3: Make a plan for your software needs & purchases -- Step 4: Make a plan for your hardware needs & purchases -- Step 5: Build a timeline for your switch -- Section 5. A non-exhaustive reference guide (hardware, software, what to buy, etc.) -- Hardware -- Software -- Resources FYI -- Helpful tips for a smooth switch from Windows to Mac -- Top productivity tips for working on a Mac in a law practice
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