The Routledge handbook of justice and home affairs research

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Justice and home affairs research : introducing the state of the art and avenues for further research / Florian Trauner and Ariadna Ripoll Servent -- The governance of internal security : beyond functionalism and the finality of integration? / Raphael Bossong and Hendrik Hegemann -- Securitization : turning an approach into a framework for research on EU justice and home affairs / Christian Kaunert and Ikrom Yakubov -- Public policy approaches and the study of European Union justice and home affairs / Mark Rhinard -- Asylum and refugee protection : EU policies in crisis / Petra Bendel and Ariadna Ripoll Servent -- The irregular immigration policy conundrum : problematizing "effectiveness" as a frame for EU criminalization and expulsion policies / Sergio Carrera and Jennifer Allsopp -- Informalizing EU readmission policy / Jean-Pierre Cassarino -- Border management : the Schengen regime in times of turmoil / Ruben Zaiotti -- EU visa policy : decision-making dynamics and effects on migratory processes / Mathias Czaika and Florian Trauner -- EU labor immigration policy : from silence to salience / Georg Menz -- Organized crime : balancing national sensitivities with global necessities / Daniela Irrera -- Cyber crime as a fragmented policy field in the context of the area of freedom, security and justice / Helena Carrapico and Benjamin Farrand -- EU counter-terrorism : glass half-full or half-empty / Oldrich Bures -- Data protection policies in EU justice and home affairs : a multilayered and yet unexplored territory for legal research / Paul de Hert and Vagelis Papakonstantinou -- EU home affairs and technology : how to make sense of information and data processing / Julien Jeandesboz -- EU criminal law : an expanding field for research, with some unchartered territories / Anne Weyembergh and Chloé Brière -- Judicial cooperation in civil matters : coming of age? / Eva Storskrubb and Anna Wallerman -- Family reunification and migrant integration policies in the EU : dynamics of inclusion and exclusion / Saskia Bonjour -- Europe's core member states : intended and unintended consequences of strong policy-shaping traditions / Andreas Ette -- Southern Europe : twenty-five years of immigration control on the waterfront / Claudia Finotelli -- Differentiated integration and the Brexit-process in EU justice and home affairs / Steve Peers -- Central and Eastern Europe : the EU's struggle for rule of law pre- and post-accession / Ramona Coman -- The western Balkans : decreasing EU external leverage meets increasing domestic reform needs / Florian Trauner and Zoran Nechev -- Justice and home affairs in EU-Turkey relations : mutual interests but much distrust / Alexander Bürgin -- The Eastern Partnership countries and Russia : a migration-driven cooperation agenda with the European Union / Oleg Korneev and Peter Van Elsuwege -- The southern Mediterranean : a testing ground and a litmus test for EU JHA policies and research / Sarah Wolff and Patryk Pawlak -- Africa-EU relations on organized crime : between securitization and fragmentation / Judith Vorrath and Verena Zoppei -- The evolution of transatlantic legal integration : truly, madly, deeply? : EU-US justice and home affairs / Elaine Fahey -- EU cooperation in justice and home affairs with Australia and Canada : new ties that bind? / Agnieszka Weinar -- The EU and Latin America : a real security and development nexus or a superficial one? / Arantza Gómez Arana -- The EU-ASEAN relationship : cooperation on non-traditional security threats between discourse and practice / Angela Pennisi di Floristella -- The European Parliament in justice and home affairs : becoming more realistic at the expense of human rights? / Ariadna Ripoll Servent -- The European Court of Justice as a game changer : fiduciary obligations in the area of freedom, security and justice / Ester Herlin-Karnell -- The European Commission in justice and home affairs : pushing hard to be a motor of integration / Natascha Zaun -- The Council and European Council in EU justice and home affairs politics / Christof Roos -- The role of national parliaments in the area of freedom, security and justice : high normative expectations, low empirical results / Angela Tacea -- The EU's agencies : ever more important for the governance of the area of freedom, security and justice / Juan Santos Vara -- NGOs go to Brussels : challenges and opportunities for research and practice in AFSJ / Emek M. Uçarer -- International organizations and the area of freedom, security and justice / Claudio Matera
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