Canada at 150 : the charter and the constitution

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  • Includes index.
  • Papers delivered at the conference: Canada at 150 : the Charter and the Constitution held November 28 and 29, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Standing, suspending, and sharing : the limits of the Charter as a tool of social change in criminal justice / Alan N. Young -- "Casual encounters" of the worst kind / Julianna A. Greenspan & Brad Greenshields -- A human rights perspective on racial profiling in Ontario / Ontario Human Rights Commission -- Questions of racism in police investigations and implications for our justice system / Roger Shallow -- Competing rights or competing context under the Charter? / Errol P. Mendes -- Federalism and national infrastructure / Mahmud Jamal -- The performance of constitutional environmental rights : a case for further empirical study / Tyson Dyck -- Prematurity, precaution, and the Charter : protection of substantive environmental rights in Canada / Theresa A. McClenaghan -- The environment and the Charter / Dayna Nadine Scott -- Indigenous peoples, art, law, and Canada at 150 / Jeffery Hewitt -- Electronic surveillance : Section 8 and the evisceration of part VI / Susan Chapman & Bianca Bell -- Whither the reasonable expectations of privacy? / Avner Levin -- Normalizing exceptional practices : security certificates, disclosure and use of evidence, and administrative detention / Marlys Edwardh & Adriel Weaver -- Collective bargaining, labour law, and the Charter in the Supreme Court of Canada, 1987 to 2017 / Steven Barrett & John Craig -- Broken trust : finding our way out of the damaged relationship through the rebuilding of indigenous legal institutions / Aimée Craft -- Time is on our side : colonialism through Laches and limitations of actions in the age of reconciliation / Senwung Luk & Brooke Barrett -- The relationship between Canada and indigenous peoples : where are we? / Naiomi Metallic -- Is the presumption of innocence under attack? / Matthew R. Gourlay -- R v. Gordon : a shift in perspective on unreasonable delay / Philip Campbell & Howard L. Krongold -- Democratic rights in a technocratic age : when constitutions (in law) are not enough / Jane Bailey -- Low hanging fruit ... and beyond : Canada's drug laws meet the Charter / Melvyn Green -- "The admittedly unattainable ideal:" adverse impact and race under Section 15 / Sonia Lawrence -- Developing a Charter practice : the changing role of interventions / Andrew Lokan -- More than words on paper : the Court Challenges program and actualizing Charter rights for marginalized communities / Shaun O'Brien -- Five more minutes : representing public interest interveners thirty-five years after the Charter / Susan Ursel, Kristen Allen, & Alex Stromdahl -- The impact of St. Catharines Milling / Karen Drake -- Fiery foundations of federalism : the enduring legacy of Citizens Insurance Co v. Parsons / Bruce Ryder -- R v. Oakes : giving structure to Section 1 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms / Peter W. Hogg