Oral Histories on the Development of the Water Council project, 2016


  • The Oral Histories on the Development of the Water Council project consists of video and audio interviews of twenty-seven individuals active in the development of Milwaukee's Water Council and the Milwaukee water cluster initiative. The interviewees represent industry, non-profit organizations, universities, government agencies, and others active in Milwaukee from roughly 2006 to 2016 and were identified as integral to the development of the Water Council and Milwaukee water cluster initiative by Water Council co-founder Rich Meeusen and Water Council President and CEO Dean Amhaus. The individuals interviewed discuss the formation of the Water Council from a Milwaukee 7/Greater Milwaukee Committee initiative; Milwaukee's perceived strengths and weaknesses as a potential world water technology hub; the interplay between industry, non-profits, universities, and government within the water cluster; the development of the Global Water Center, the BREW, and other Water Council initiatives; the growth of water-centric university programs, including the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's School of Freshwater Sciences and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's water business certificate; and economic develop in Walker's Point and Milwaukee. The interviews were conducted by WHS staff members Kristen Leffelman and Paul Hedges, with in-kind support from the Water Council. Interviewees include Dean Amhaus, Tom Barrett, Tracey Carson, David Garman, Rob Gottschalk, Tyler Hawley, Mary Jean Huston, Meghan Jensen, Paul Jones, Joe Klein, J. Val Klump, Mike Lovell, Jason Lusk, Rocky Marcoux, Rich Meeusen, Cate Rahmlow, Linda Reid, Carlos Santiago, Kevin Shafer, Kyle Strigenz, Lee Swindall, Michael Switzenbaum, Julia Taylor, Elizabeth Thelen, Brian Thompson, Sammis White, and Fr. Robert Wild, SJ. In addition to the recorded interviews, the papers include pre-interview questionnaires filled out by interviewees and background information on interviewees, the Water Council, and the Milwaukee water cluster initiative.
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