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Women in prison : the Bangkok Rules and beyond = Femmes en prison : les Règles de Bangkok et au-delà

Women in prison (The Bangkok Rules and beyond)


  • International Colloquium of the I.P.P.F. (2014 : Bangkok, Thailand)

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  • Women are a rapidly growing minority in prisons. Prison systems, however, have always been determined by the behaviour of men. The 2010 UN Bangkok Rules form a body of rules that is specifically aimed at the needs of women in prison. Being the first international instrument on this subject, the Bangkok Rules can be considered a milestone. Thus this volume focuses on the topic of women in prison in general, and on the Bangkok Rules in particular. The volume comprises an introductory chapter, seven thematic chapters, and 23 chapters dedicated to individual countries around the world. Themes discussed in these chapters include, among others, the (international) human rights framework applicable to women in prison, statistics and criminological factors relevant to women in prison, and the actual conditions of women in prison worldwide. An extensive collection of expert knowledge, this volume intends to highlight both good practice in the context of women in prison and the many challenges that lie ahead.


  • Based in part on the proceedings of the IPPF Colloquium 2014.
  • Appendix includes text of the Bangkok Rules in English and French.
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • Text mostly in English, some chapters in French.


  • Women in prison : a transnational perspective / Maartje Krabbe & Piet Hein van Kempen -- Femmes en prison : une perspective transnationale / Women, crime and incarceration : exploring pathways of women in conflict with the law : the case of South Africa / Lillian Artz, Yonina Hoffman-Wanderer & Kelley Moult -- Variations and growth in the levels of female imprisonment / Roy Walmsley -- Protection of women in prison under the European Convention of Human Rights / Lech Parpzycki -- European standards relating to non-judicial protection of women in prison / Hans Jügen Bartsch -- Protection of women in prison in Asia : positive developments, weaknesses, opportunities and threats : perspectives from UNAFEI and its participating countries / Tomoko Akane -- Implementation of the Bangkok Rules in Thai prisons / Nathee Chitsawang -- The design of women's prisons : an architectural perspective on gender-specific needs and realities of female prisoners and main requirements for improvement / Alejo García Basalo -- Women in prison in Argentina / Julio Enrique Aparicio, Roberto Patricio Ortenzi & Alejo García Basalo -- Women in prison in Australia / Kat Armstrong & Kathryn Farbar -- Women in prison in Austria / Wolfgang Gratz -- Women in prison in Brazil / Edmundo Oliveira & Fabia Melo-Fournier -- Women in prison in England and Wales / Michael Spurr -- Women in prison in Finland / Tapio Lappi-Seppälä -- Femmes en prison en France / Cathérine Pautrat -- Women in prison in Germany / Rita Haverkamp & Axel Boetticher -- Women in prison in Greece / Effi Lambropoulou -- Women in prison in Ireland / Mary Rogan & Michael Reilly -- Femmes en prison en Italie / Franco della Casa -- Women in prison in the Netherlands / Peter J.P. Tak -- Women in prison in New Zealand / Warren Young -- Women in prison in Poland / Lech K. Paprzycki -- Women in prison in Portugal / Raquel Matos, Manuela Ivonne Cunha, Paulo Moimenta de Carvalho, Raquel Tavares & Luís de Miranda Pereira -- Women in prison in Russia / Yakov Gilinskiy -- Women in prison in South Africa / Lillian Artz -- Women in prison in Spain : their criminological and social invisibility / Ana I. Cerezo & José Luís Díez-Ripollés -- Femmes en prison en Suisse : la situation des femmes prévenues et condamnées / André Vallotton & Manon Jendly -- Women in prison in Taiwan / Li Rong-Geng -- Women in prison in Thailand : implementatio of the UN Bangkok Rules in the Thai criminal justice system / Melanie Oliver, Sudarak Suvannanon & Phiset Sa-Ardyen -- Femmes en prison en Turquie / E. Eylem Aksoy Retornaz -- Women in prison in the USA / Emilio C. Viano