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100 1_ $aTomasi, Silvano M.$eauthor.
245 14 $aThe Vatican in the family of nations :$bdiplomatic actions of the Holy See at the UN and other international organizations in Geneva /$cSilvano M. Tomasi, Holy See Mission to the UN and other International Organizations ; assisted by : Antoine Abi Ghanem, Holy See Mission to the UN ; Vincenzo Buonomo, Pontificia Università̀ Lateranese ; Richard Gyhra, Holy See Mission to the UN ; Carlo Maria Marenghi, Holy See Mission to the UN ; Stefano Saldi, Holy See Mission to the UN ; Robert J. Vitillo, Holy See Mission to the UN.
264 _1 $aCambridge, United Kingdom ;$aNew York, NY, USA :$bCambridge University Press,$c2017.
264 _4 $c©2017
300    $axxiv, 872 pages ;$c24 cm
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520    $a"Based on a collection of statements delivered between 2003 and 2015, The Vatican in the Family of Nations provides a new understanding of the social doctrine and actions of the Catholic Church in international law and relations. These statements address contemporary issues which stir deep emotional responses, from disarmament and migrations, to discrimination and freedom of conscience. This volume disputes irrational fears of newcomers, offers reasonable adaptations to allow for peaceful coexistence, and insists on investigating the root causes of today's conflicts and displacements. As an independent voice, the Holy See offers these reflections with the view of prioritizing the common good before confessional interests, even when their aims and ends converge. In this sense, this book is a unique collection in international literature on the intersection of theology, human rights and social issues, which opens courageous new paths for the future"--$cProvided by publisher.
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 8_ $aMachine generated contents note: Methodological note; Abbreviations and acronyms; Preface: the Holy See's diplomatic mission in today's world H.E. Pietro Parolin; 1. The human person at the center of fundamental rights and protagonist of development; 2. Freedom as the foundation of human relations and social coexistence; 3. The economy as a means, not an end; 4. The quest for peace; 5. Solidarity with all humanity; 6. People on the move: the challenge of the XXI century; Conclusions: A beacon of inspiration for the family of nations Antonio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres; Index; Bibliography.
610 20 $aCatholic Church$xForeign relations.
610 24 $aCatholic Church.
650 _0 $aChristianity and international relations$xCatholic Church.
650 _0 $aChurch and social problems$xCatholic Church.
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