The guide for White women who teach Black boys : understanding, connecting, respecting

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  • "Schools that routinely fail Black boys are not extraordinary. In fact, they are all-too ordinary. If we are to succeed in positively shifting outcomes for Black boys and young men, we must first change the way school is "done." That's where the eight in ten teachers who are White women fit in... and this urgently needed resource is written specifically for them as a way to help them understand, respect and connect with all of their students. So much more than a call to call to action--but that, too!--The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys brings together research, activities, personal stories, and video interviews to help us all embrace the deep realities and thrilling potential of this crucial American task. With Eddie, Ali, and Marguerite as your mentors, you will learn how to: Develop learning environments that help Black boys feel a sense of belonging, nurturance, challenge, and love at school ; Change school culture so that Black boys can show up in the wholeness of their selves ; Overcome your unconscious bias and forge authentic connections with your Black male students. If you are a teacher who is afraid to talk about race, that's okay. Fear is a normal human emotion and racial competence is a skill that can be learned. We promise that reading this extraordinary guide will be a life-changing first step forward... for both you and the students you serve."-- Publisher's description.


  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 391-411) and index.


  • Part 1. Exploring the self. Ready to make a difference, the old fashioned way / Debby Irving ; Vignette: Raisins in the sun: white teacher as a force of nature buffering the radiation of racial retaliation / Howard Stevenson -- The state of the white woman teacher / Julie Landsman -- Advancing the sucess of boys and men of color / The Seven Centers ; Two black boys / Solomon Smart -- Understanding unconscious bias as one more tool in the committed white teacher's equity toolkit / Diane Finnerty -- White female teachers and black boys : right teachers and (mis)understood boys / John Marshall -- White racial identity development / Ali Michael -- "What if being called 'racist' is the beginning, not the end, of the conversation?" / Elizabeth Denevi ; New understandings / Eli Scearce -- What does it mean to be a white teacher? / Robin DiAngelo
  • Part 2. Understanding the constraints and challenging the narratives about who black boys are and who white women can be. Respecting black boys and their history / Jawanza Kunjufu -- "I can switch my language, but I can't switch my skin" : what teachers must understand about linguistic racism / April Baker-Bell ; Vignette: The color of poop / Krystal de'León -- Identity safety as an antidote to stereotype threat / Becki Cohn-Vargas -- The science behind psychological verve and what it means for black students / Darla Scott -- The visit / Chezare Warren and Justin Coles -- Rewriting the narrative / Toni Williamson ; Slavery's archetypes affect white women teachers / Olugbala Williams -- "Don't lean, jump in" : the fierce urgency to confront, dismantle, and (re)write the historical narrative of black boys in educational institutions / Sharoni Little
  • Part 3. Respecting the broad diversity of black boys' experiences and identities. Vignette: Prince taught me the redefinition of black masculinity / Jack Hill -- Strategies for showing love to black boys / Jaime Washington -- White privilege and black excellence: two terms i've been "afraid" of for much of my life / David Stills -- Black boys and their racial identity : learning how they fit into society and in your classroom / Paul A. Robbins, Leann V. Smith, and Keisha Bentley-Edwards ; I had a right / Adrian Chandler -- Teaching black boys during childhood : a counter narrative and considerations / Joseph Derrick Nelson ; Being black and deaf is a double stigma / Sean Norman -- "How dare you make this about race?!" : centering race, gender and poverty / H. Richard Milner -- The n!gga(er) in me / Eddie Moore Jr. ; Die n-word die / Marguerite W. Penick-Parks -- Blackness/transness : two targets on my back / Zeam Porter with Ty Gale ; What educators can do to support trans students / Phillipe Cunningham -- White teachers and the power to transform : early childhood educators and the potential for lasting harm / Chonika Coleman-King and Jabina Coleman ; Brown mothers, white children -- Learn about us before you teach (about) us : queer black boys / Benny Vásquez -- Black male students and teachers in K-12 classrooms : strategies for support to increase performance as students and professionals / Chance Lewis and Amber Bryant ; The administrative assistant staff member: oh, and black! / Deneen R. Young
  • Part 4. Relationships with parents, colleagues, and community. Helping amazing black boys become amazing black men / an interview with Vernā Myers -- Connecting with black students and parents : equal vision / Shakti Butler ; Vignette: Being a black mom of black boys / Orinthia Swindell -- Activating inclusiveness / Chris Avery -- Belief, pedagogy and practice : strategies for building powerful classroom communities / Stefanie Rome and Ty-Ron Douglas ; The symbolic teacher / Carl Moore -- Ruminations from the intersections of a #BlackMommyActivist / Shemariah Arki ; Discipline practices of Caribbean families / Chonika Coleman-King -- Find freedom in the classroom : a love letter to my babies' teachers / Crystal Laura
  • Part 5. Connecting student success and failure to school structures and classroom strategies. Start out firm / Valerie Adams-Bass -- A parable of academic misgivings : the educator's role in addressing college undermatch / Ed Smith ; Vignette: Nonviolence, violence and standing up / Aaron Abram -- The collusion of social norms and working with interracial families / Jennifer Chandler -- What are we doing to address "these" students? : strategies for creating equitable classrooms / Brian Johnson ; Dismantling the "white savior mentality" / Marvin Pierre -- Interrupting school structures: ADD/ADHD over-identification and how black cultural styles are often confused for ADD / Erica Snowden -- Football, sports and Moore : using schools structures to get more out of black boys / Eddie Moore Jr. and Frederick Gooding Jr
  • Part 6. Connecting student success to school structures and classroom strategies. Vignette: How do black lives matter in your curriculum? / Russell Marsh -- Strategies that de-escalate conflict in the classroom / Barbara Moore-Williams, Deidre Spence, and Christopher McGinley -- Meeting students where they are: project-based learning and critical thinking skills / Marguerite W. Penick-Parks, Suzanne Fondrie, and Omobolade Delano-Oriaran -- Black faces and white spaces : recognizing and supporting black boys in gifted education / Brian L. Wright, Donna Y. Ford and Tarek C. Grantham -- The book matters: using the color-coded bloom-banks matrix to support the literacy and engagement of black boys / Michelle Trotman Scott, Brian L. Wright, and Donna Y. Ford -- Books and curriculum : what to read with black males in elementary school to create a strong foundation of positive racial identity development / Marie Michael -- Global skills : beyond the classroom and the playground / Dion Crushshon -- Outtro : remember, black girls aren't doing "just fine" : supporting black girls in the classroom / Charlotte E. Jacobs
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