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ADR advocacy, strategies, and practice for intellectual property and technology cases

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Putting ADR to work in IP disputes: when and how to do it / James F. Davis -- Forward-looking ADR agreements : an ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of cure / Frank L. Politano -- Early case assessment: a strategic tool for the early resolution and management of intellectual property and technology cases / Cynthia Raposo and Harrie Samaras -- Initial damages assessments: focusing early on things that count but cannot be counted / Carol Ludington -- Mediation : one judge's perspective (or infusing sanity into intellectual property litigation) / Magistrate Judge Mary Pat Thynge -- Preparing to successfully mediate intellectual property and technology disputes : a guide for counsel and clients / Kevin Rhodes -- Advocacy in IP/technology mediations : design, preparation, and strategy -- Merriann Panarella and Harrie Samaras -- The skillful appellate mediation advocate : mediating intellectual property cases at the Federal Circuit / J. William Frank, and Harrie Samaras -- The USITC : an alternative approach (not just an alternative forum) for resolving intellectual property disputes / Hon. Theodore R. Essex, Lisa R. Barton, James R. Holbein -- Arbitrating technology cases : considerations for businesspeople and advocates / Michael H. Diamant, Stephen P. Gilbert, Laura A. Kaster, and Harrie Samaras -- UDRP proceedings : how advocates can put their best foot forward / Dina Leytes and Harrie Samaras -- Mastering the use of a special master in intellectual property litigation / Don W. Martens and Gale R. (Pete) Peterson -- Tools useful to persuade, evaluate, and communicate in ADR proceedings -- Kevin R. Casey