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111 2_ $aLuxembourg Workshop on Space and Satellite Communication Law$n(4th :$d2015 :$cBetzdorf, Germany)
245 10 $aOwnership of satellites :$b4th Luxembourg workshop on space and satellite communication law /$cMahulena Hofmann/Andreas Loukakis (eds.).
246 31 $aFourth Luxembourg workshop on space and satellite communication law
250    $a1. edition.
264 _1 $aBaden-Baden :$bNomos ;$a[Oxford, England] :$bHart Publishing,$c[2017]
264 _4 $c©2017
300    $a296 pages :$billustrations ;$c23 cm.
336    $atext$btxt$2rdacontent
337    $aunmediated$bn$2rdamedia
338    $avolume$bnc$2rdacarrier
490 1_ $aLuxemburger juristiche studien =$aLuxembourg legal studies ;$vvolume 9
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 00 $gPreface:$t4th Luxembourg Workshop on Space and Satellite Communication Law /$rKarim Michel Sabbagh, John Purvis --$tOwnership of satellites : a simple legal fact with complex consequences /$rMahulena Hofmann --$tTransfer of ownership in orbit : from fiction to problem /$rFrans von der Dunk --$tRelevance of the concept of "ownership" in space activities and their regulation /$rJean-François Mayence --$tCross-border transfer of operation (ownership) of satellites : solutions in line with the space treaties /$rBernhard Schmidt-Tedd and Martin Reynder --$tLegal aspects of transfer of ownership and transfer of activities /$rArmel Kerrest --$tUnited Nations practice in registering space objects /$rNatercia Rodrigues and Kamran Memon --$tTransfer of satellites in orbit : the ESA experience /$rIoanna Thoma --$tEU as owner of Galileo satellites : consequences for registration and liability /$rAndreas Loukakis --$tModels of ownership : condominium and hosted payload satellites /$rGerry Oberst --$tKey conceptual aspects in hosted payload and condominium satellite projects /$rIngo Baumann and Oliver Heinrich --$tInterrelation between space law and ITU law /$rFrancis Lyell --$tInteraction between registration of space objects and the protection of frequency assignment /$rSrinivasan Venkatasubramanian --$tLeasing of orbital positions /$rElina Morozova --$tHarmful interference and ownership of satellites (or frequencies) in outer space /$rSimona Spassova --$tSatellite export controls and national security under WTO rules /$rPeter Malanczuk --$tLanding rights and satellite operators /$rPhilippe Achilleas and Nicholas Puschman --$tThe Cape Town Convention and the Space Assets Protocol : considerations after the event /$rLesley Jane Smith.
650 _0 $aArtificial satellites in telecommunication$xLaw and legislation$vCongresses.
650 _7 $aArtificial satellites in telecommunication$xLaw and legislation.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst00817457
655 _7 $aConference papers and proceedings.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01423772
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700 1_ $aHofmann, Mahulena,$eeditor.
700 1_ $aLoukakis, Andreas,$eeditor.
830 _0 $aLuxembourg legal studies ;$vv. 9.


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