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  • Each chapter bound separately and successively paginated. Issued in cardstock box mailer.


  • Chapter 1. Delving into the secrets of color -- Chapter 2. Delving into the secrets of color: Color and sound are kin -- Chapter 3. Delving into the secrets of color: The red ray -- Chapter 4. Delving into the secrets of color: The blue ray -- Chapter 5. The violet ray -- Chapter 6. Orange, yellow and green rays -- Chapter 7. The relation of white and black to color and the effects of color vibration -- Chapter 8. Color therapeutics or color healing -- Chapter 9. The psychological effect of colors -- Chapter 10. The principle of color mathematics -- Chapter 11. Arranging colors mathematically -- Chapter 12. Colorology or the science of colors -- Chapter 13. Correct use of colors for commercial purposes -- Chapter 14. Mathematical determination of "key color" and secondary key colors -- Chapter 15. A colorological rēsumé