Muslim sources on the Magyars in the second half of the 9th century : the Magyar chapter of the Jayhānī tradition

Muszlim források a honfoglalás előtti magyarokról. English
Zimonyi, István, author
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  • "The Jayhānī tradition contains the most detailed description of the Magyars/Hungarians before the Conquest of the Carpathian Basin (895). Unfortunately, the book itself was lost and it can only be reconstructed from late Arabic, Persian and Turkic copies. The reconstruction is primarily based on the texts of al-Marwazī, Ibn Rusta and Gardīzī. The original text has shorter and longer versions. The basic text was reformed at least twice and later copyists added further emendation. This study focuses on the philological comments and historical interpretation of the Magyar chapter, integrating the results in the fields of medieval Islamic studies, the medieval history of Eurasian steppe, and the historiography of early Hungarian history"--Provided by publisher.


  • "The Hungarian version of the present work was completed in late 2003 and published under the title Muszlim forrasok a honfoglalas elotti magyarokrol. : a Gayhani-hagyomany magyar fejezete (Muslim sources on the Magyars before the Conquest : the Magyar chapter of the Jayhani tradition)"--Preface.
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 377-408) and index.
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