The Acker Award

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  • Decorated box containing art pieces, photocopies, DVDs, gallery postcards, and other ephemera representing the work of the recipients of the New York City Acker Awards, 2013.
  • White corrugated board box spraypainted over doiley pattern stencil in blue. Pasted on the top cover is a color illustration of a red rose on an orange paisley background with the words "The Acker Award" in black above it.
  • "In an edition of 85, given to attendants of the Acker Awards for excellence in avant garde arts, produced by Clayton Patterson, the inaugural year of which was 2013"--Dealer description.
  • Title from box cover.
  • Pet rock number 2 of 81.
  • "The Acker Awards is a tribute given to members of the avant garde arts community who have made outstanding contributions in their discipline in defiance of convention, or else served their fellow writers and artists in outstanding ways. The award is named after novelist Kathy Acker who in her life and work exemplified the risk-taking and uncompromising dedication that identifies the true avant garde artist."--Description from award website, February 2017.


  • Folder 1 (24 x 30 cm): Item 1. Acker Awards Ceremony "wanted" poster with portrait of Kathy Acker -- Item 2. Acker Awards NYC 2013 recipients list -- Item 3. Counter Culture Counter Cinema programming brochure -- Item 4. One photocopied page of: Eddy Paris (script: Carl Watson; drawing: Kevin Pyle) -- Item 5. Book review for: Tabboo! The arte of Stephen Tashjian -- Item 6. Taylor Mead (1924-2013) in memoriam / Valery Oisteanu -- Item 7. Call for images by Tribes Gallery -- Item 8. Squat Theatre history (photocopy) -- Item 9. One page detailing a 1959 obscenity case against Grove Press -- Item 10. Kostabi poem from 1986 called "In Fragante Delicto" -- Item 11. One page from The Cyclist by Janice Eidus -- Item 12. Cut-Up #2 / Cynthia Carr -- Item 13. Self-portrait by Jose 'Cochise' Quileos; signed by the artist -- Item 14. Jerry Pagane's CV and illustrated on the reverse by a print; signed by the artist -- Item 15. No one else / Jim Feast -- Item 16. Self-portrait by John Farris (2013); signed by the artist -- Item 17. Tonsil Riot / Eddy Portnoy -- Item 18. A photocopied picture of Clayton Patterson -- Item 19. "Once upon a Time "; drawing by Taylor Mead in an edition of 81 copies
  • Folder 2 (20 x 27 cm): Item 20. postcard invitation -- Item 21. Two original color photographs of young man on a coin-operated pony ride; signed by Clayton Patterson -- Item 22. Gary Indiana color postcard gallery invitation, 2013 -- Item 23. Alice O'Malley gallery opening card; signed by the artist -- Item 24. Postcard gallery invitation to Bitch-Beauty, a film by MM Serra, NYFF, 2011 -- Item 25. Fran O'Neill gallery invitation, 2012 -- Item 26. Gallery photo of a Joe Coleman illustration; signed by the artist -- Item 27. Color photographic card from Unbearables featuring a moustachioed Wonder Woman on one side and a manifesto on the other, signed by Ron K. -- Item 28. One page of photocopied collage art by Steve Dalachinsky (2013) -- Item 29. Goodie Magazine, xerox zine with material on Lionel Ziprin -- Item 30. "Suncard" black and white photograph of Sun PK (Peter Kwaloff) legendary drag queen of NY, signed
  • Folder 3 (16 x 23): Item 31. Unimax sticker and bookmark -- Item 32. Lethargy public illumination magazine no. 56, late 2012 -- Item 33. card for Bob Holman "Whatever"
  • Item. 34. God is on my Side (CD) / Joey Semz -- Item 35. Recyclings, a literary autobiography, vol. 1 1959-67 / Richard Kostelanetz (1974); signed by the author -- Item 36. Black n blue bowl 2008 (DVD in case) -- Item 37. Paper-mâché pet rock, signed and numbered by artist Hapi Phace
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