The law and economics of a sustainable energy trade agreement

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  • "The widely accepted need to reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels and move instead to low-carbon, renewable alternatives faces a host of challenges. Whilst the greatest challenges remain in engineering, political and public policy issues continue to play a very important role. This volume, which consists of contributions from leading figures in the field, presents the case for a Sustainable Energy Trade Agreement (SETA). It shows that by addressing barriers to trade in goods and services relevant for the supply of clean energy, such an agreement would foster the crucial scaling-up of clean energy supply and promote a shift away from fossil fuels. In doing so it illustrates how the agreement would help to address a number of overarching sustainable development priorities, including the urgent threat of climate change, enhanced energy access and improved energy security. The book will appeal to academics and policymakers working on the interface of trade and energy policy"--
  • "Climate change is one of the most pressing problems we face today. Trade policy is a crucial, but often overlooked, tool that can help us address this challenge. A key factor in a transition to sustainable energy alternatives, such as wind turbines and solar panels, is our ability to trade these technologies"--


  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Introduction: setting the horse before the cart to preserve a viable world -- Issues and considerations for negotiating a sustainable energy trade agreement: May 2012 -- Trade in sustainable energy services: October 2013 -- Governing clean energy subsidies: what, why, and how legal?: August 2012 -- Trade law implications of procurement practices in sustainable energy goods and services: September 2012 -- Selling the Sun safely and effectively: solar photovoltaic standards, certification testing and implications for trade policy: December 2013 -- Addressing local content requirements in a sustainable energy trade agreement: June 2013 -- International technology diffusion in a sustainable energy trade agreement: September 2012 -- Legal options for a sustainable energy trade agreement: July 2012