Jerusalem, 1000-1400 : every people under heaven

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  • Published in conjunction with "Jerusalem 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven," on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, from September 26, 2016, through January 8, 2017.
  • "Medieval Jerusalem was a vibrant international center and home to multiple cultures, faiths, and languages. Harmonious and dissonant influences from Persian, Turkish, Greek, Syrian, Armenian, Georgian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Indian, and European traditions gave Jerusalem a key role in shaping art produced for both secular and religious purposes. Patrons and artists from Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions alike focused their attention on the Holy City, endowing and enriching its sacred buildings and creating luxury goods for its residents. This artistic fertility was particularly in evidence between the 11th and 14th centuries, notwithstanding often devastating circumstances--from the earthquake of 1033 to the fierce battles of the Crusades. So strong a magnet was Jerusalem that it drew out the creative imagination of even those separated from it by great distance. Through compelling essays and focused discussions of more than 200 works of art, Jerusalem, 1000-1400 breaks new ground in exploring the relationship between the historical and the archetypal city of Jerusalem and uncovers the way in which the aesthetic achievements it inspired enhanced and enlivened the medieval world."--Publisher's description.
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 307-327) and index.


  • Art and Medieval Jerusalem / Barbara Drake Boehm and Melanie Holcomb -- Trade and tourism in Medieval Jerusalem / Melanie Holcomb and Barbara Drake Boehm -- Domestic goods from the Suq to the home: imagining Jerusalem's interiors / Elizabeth Dospěl Williams -- Jewish-Muslim encounters in the Holy Land / Martin Jacobs -- Terra miracula: blessed souvenirs from the Holy Land / Avinoam Shalem -- Catalogue numbers 1-26 -- Pluralism in the Holy City / Barbara Drake Boehm and Melanie Holcomb -- Saint Saba and the monks of the Holy Land / Jennifer Ball -- The Karaites / Meira Polliack -- Maimonides and Jerusalem -- David Kraemer -- Merits of Jerusalem (Fada'il al-Quds) / Carole Hillenbrand -- Catalogue numbers 27-57 -- Experiencing sacred art in Jerusalem / Melanie Holcomb and Barbara Drake Boehm -- The closed gate / Melanie Holcomb -- Sharing the church of the Holy Sepulchre during the Crusader period / Jaroslav Folda -- The Dome of the Rock / Robert Hillenbrand -- The minbar of Nur al-Din / Sylvia Auld -- The cradle of Jesus and the Oratory of Mary on Jerusalem's Haram al-Sharif / Nabil Matar -- Catalogue numbers 58-101 -- Holy war and the power of art / Barbara Drake Boehm and Melanie Holcomb -- Jerusalem: The crucible of holy war / James Carroll -- Catalogue numbers 102-120 -- Patronage in Jerusalem / Melanie Holcomb and Barbara Drake Boehm -- Jacques de Vitry / Barbara Drake Boehm -- The Armenian presence in Jerusalem / Helen C. Evans -- Franciscans in Jerusalmen: The early history / Xavier John Seubert -- Muslim women patrons in Jerusalem / Yusuf Natsheh -- Catalogue numbers 121-136 -- Seeking the eternal Jerusalem / Abby Kornfeld -- Catalogue numbers 137-149
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