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245 00 $aPrisons in the Americas in the twenty first century :$ba human dumping ground /$cedited by Jonathan D. Rosen and Marten W. Brienen.
246 3_ $aPrisons in the Americas in the twenty-first century
264 _1 $aLanham :$bLexington Books,$c[2015]
264 _4 $c©2015
300    $axiv, 243 pages ;$c24 cm.
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338    $avolume$bnc$2rdacarrier
490 1_ $aSecurity in the Americas in the twenty-first century
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00 $tGeneral trends of prisons in the Americas /$rAstrid Arrará́s and Emily D. Bello-Pardo --$tBroken systems: prisons and prison gangs in California and the United States /$rSusan A. Phillips and Jonathan D. Rosen --$tThe penitentiary system in Mexico: an institution permeated by corruption and controlled by organized crime /$rRoberto Zepeda Martínez --$tDrugs, crime and prisons in Guatemala /$rTamara Rice Lave --$tHaiti: prisons, organized crime, and drug trafficking /$rChrista L. Remington and Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor --$tRetribution vs. reintegration: the Trinidad and Tobago reality /$rDianne Williams and Randy Seepersad --$tOrganized chaos: Venezuela's prison crisis /$rBrian Fonseca and Pamela Pamelá --$tDrugs and prisons: the slippery road to the criminalization of drugs in Ecuador /$rAdrián Bonilla and Nashira Chávez --$tA special kind of hell: the Bolivian penal system /$rMarten W. Brienen --$tDrugs and the prison crisis in Peru /$rLucía Dammert and Manuel Dammert G. --$tBeyond overcrowding: the decline of the Brazilian penitentiary system /$rMarcelo Rocha e Silva Zorovich --$tThe drug-crime-prison nexus: what the U.S. experience suggests for Argentina /$rKhatchik DerGhougassian and Sebastián A. Cutrona --$tPrison reform: an international solution /$rW. Andy Knight.
520    $a"This volume on penitentiary systems in the Americas offers a long-overdue look at the prisons that exist at the forefront of the ongoing struggle against drugs and violence throughout North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean. From Haiti to Bolivia, the authors examine the conditions in these systems, and allow several common themes to emerge, including the alarming prevalence of lengthy pre-trial detention and the often abysmal living conditions in these institutions. Taken together, this comprises the first comparative overview of the use and abuse of prisons in the Americas."--Publisher's description.
650 _0 $aPrisons$zAmerica.
650 _0 $aImprisonment$zAmerica.
650 _0 $aCorrections$zAmerica.
650 _7 $aCorrections.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst00880260
650 _7 $aImprisonment.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst00968277
650 _7 $aPrisons.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01077326
651 _7 $aAmerica$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01239786
700 1_ $aRosen, Jonathan D.
700 1_ $aBrienen, Marten W.
830 _0 $aSecurity in the Americas in the twenty-first century.


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