This distracted globe : worldmaking in early modern literature

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  • "Worldmaking takes many forms in early modern literature and thus challenges any single interpretive approach. The essays in this collection investigate the material stuff of the world in Spenser, Cary, and Marlowe; the sociable bonds of authorship, sexuality, and sovereignty in Shakespeare and others; and the universal status of spirit, gender, and empire in the worlds of Vaughan, Donne, and the dastan (tale) of Chouboli, a Rajasthani princess. Together, these essays make the case that to address what it takes to make a world in the early modern period requires the kinds of thinking exemplified by theory"--
  • "These essays investigate the materiality of the world in Spenser, Cary and Marlowe; its sociability, sexuality and sovereignty in Shakespeare; and the universality of spirit, gender and empire in Vaughan, Donne and the dastan (tale) of Chouboli, a Rastanjani princess"--


  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Machine generated contents note: -- Preface -- Introduction: World Enough and Time -- Jonathan Goldberg (with Karen Newman and Marcie Frank) -- I. Materiality -- 1. Worldly Muck: Translating Matter in Book 2 of The Faerie Queene -- Brent Dawson -- 2. Extreme Cary -- David Glimp -- 3. Marlowe's Footstools -- Aaron Kunin -- II. Sociality -- 4. "Who Is Speaking Here?": Shakespeare's Sonnets, Modern Authorship, and the Contemporary University -- Robert Matz -- 5. Hamlet and the Truth About Friendship -- James Kuzner -- 6. "Racked. to the Uttermost": The Verges of Love and Subjecthood in The Merchant of Venice -- Lara Bovilsky -- 7. Cities of the Stranger -- Meredith Evans -- III. Universality -- 8. What It Feels Like to Be a Body: Humoralism, Cognitivism and the Sociological Horizon of Early Modern Religion -- Daniel Juan Gil -- 9. Woman as World: The Female Microcosm/Macrocosm in Shakespeare and Donne -- Lynn Maxwell -- 10. The Nether Lands of Chouboli's Dastan -- Madhavi Menon -- Acknowledgments -- List of Contributors -- Index
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