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LEADER04280cpc a2200721ua 4500
001 996063313602130
005 20150408113236.0
007 hd bfb---baaa
007 k| |||
008 880516i18061921wiu | eng d
035    $a6508
035    $9WIHV88-A240
035    $a(WSpU)606331-uwspdb
035    $a(EXLNZ-01UWI_NETWORK)9912160587202121
040    $aWHi$cWHi$eappm
052    $a4123$bM3
052    $a4260
072    $aBH$2NHPRC
072 _7 $aCW$2NHPRC
072 _7 $aPI$2NHPRC
090    $bStevens Point Mss C
099    $a(WHi)Stevens Point Micro 30
099    $a(WHi)Micro 2076
099    $a(WHi)PH 557
099    $a(WHi)PH (S65)
245 00 $aMillard-Smith family papers,$f1806-1921.
300    $a1.6$fc.f. (5 archives boxes and 1 oversize folder),
300    $a1$freel of microfilm (35mm),
300    $a226$fphotographs (1 archives box), and
300    $a169$fnegatives.
500    $aOriginal photos are only available at the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives, Madison.
520    $aPapers of a prominent lumber milling and medical family from Wausau, Wisconsin, including Burton Millard (d. 1862), a pioneer settler, millwright, and state legislator, who was the first member of the 5th Wisconsin Infantry to die during the Civil War; Dr. Theophilus Smith, who married Millard's widow; and Dr. Joseph F. Smith, the son-in-law of Theophilus.
520 8_ $bMillard's papers include extensive Civil War correspondence with his family and others, a Civil War diary, financial records relating to his lumber business, and extensive papers relating to his brief tenure as justice of the peace. Also included is a blood-soaked circular removed from his body after his death during the Civil War.
520 8_ $bAlthough Theophilus Smith was one of the first physicians to settle in Wausau, this part of his life is little documented. Instead there are papers about his administration of the local post office, correspondence of Harriet Millard Smith, whom Dr. Smith married in 1867, and letters from three sons: Theophilus M. about his work for the Wisconsin Central Railroad and William and James about their life on a cattle ranch in Wyoming.
520 8_ $bThe medical career of Joseph F. Smith is also little documented. Although there are papers pertaining to his education and his teaching at Northern Indiana Normal School. An avid amateur photographer, he is represented in the collection by photographs of exceptional quality documenting family life, the Wausau area, Rush Medical School, and views of travel at the turn of the century in Chicago, Europe, and the East Coast, as well as family activities and portraits.
530    $3Some financial records are$aavailable only on microfilm.
530    $3The photographs are available in original form and$aalso available on microfilm.
555 0_ $aRegister.
561    $aPresented by Mr. and Mrs. Franklin E. Bump, Jr., Wausau, Wisconsin, 1953-1957.
541    $*N$32 ledgers$aBump, F. E., Jr. (Mr. and Mrs.)$bWausau, WI
541    $*N$eM88-136$3See PCID 5.$aBump, F. E., Jr. (Mr. and Mrs.)$bWausau, WI
541    $*N$eM88-134$3See PCID 5.$aBump, F. E. (Mr. and Mrs.)
541    $*N$eM88-137$3See PCID 5.$aBump, F. E. (Mr. and Mrs.)
541    $*N$3Additions to date (M88-134, M88-136, M88-137). Lot 2110 and Lot 4373 was also integrated with this material.
590    $a2 ledgers$9LOCAL
650 _0 $aLumbering$zWisconsin.
650 _0 $aPhysicians (General practice)$zWisconsin$zWausau.
610 10 $aUnited States.$bArmy.$bWisconsin Infantry Regiment, 5th (1861-1865).$bCompany G.
610 20 $aNorthern Indiana Normal School and Business Institute$xFaculty.
630 20 $aMillard-Smith Family.
650 _0 $aJustices of the peace$zWisconin$zWausau.
650 _0 $aPioneers$zWyoming.
650 _0 $aPostmasters$zWisconsin$zWausau.
650 _0 $aVoyages and travels.
651 _0 $aWausau (Wis.)
651 _0 $aUnited States$xHistory$yCivil War, 1861-1865.
655 _7 $aBusiness records.$2aat
655 _7 $aFinancial records.$2aat
655 _7 $aManuscript collection.$2local
655 _7 $aMicroforms.$2aat
655 _7 $aPhotographs.$2aat
700 1_ $aMillard, Burton,$dd.1862.
700 1_ $aSmith, J. F.$q(Joseph Franklin),$d1869- .
700 1_ $aSmith, Theophilus,$d1817-1904.
999    $aSP ARC$9LOCAL


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