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245 00 $aMLA handbook.
246 3_ $aModern Language Association handbook
246 3_ $aMLA handbook eighth edition
250    $aEighth edition.
264 _1 $aNew York :$bThe Modern Language Association of America,$c2016.
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300    $axiv, 146 pages :$billustrations ;$c23 cm
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500    $aPrevious title: MLA Handbook for writers of research papers.
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 00 $gForeword /$rRosemary G. Feal --$gPreface /$rKatheen Fitzpatrick. --$gPart 1.$tPrinciples of MLA style:$gIntroduction --$tWhy document sources? --$tPlagiarism and academic dishonesty --$tThink : evaluating your sources --$tSelect : gathering information about your sources --$tOrganize : creating your documentation:$tThe list of works cited:$tThe core elements: --$tAuthor ;$tTitle of source ;$tTitle of container ;$tOther contributors ;$tVersion ;$tNumber ;$tPublisher ;$tPublication date ;$tLocation --$tOptional elements --$tIn-text citations. --
505 80 $gPart 2.$tDetails of MLA style:$gIntroduction --$g1.$tThe mechanics of scholarly prose:$g1.1.$tNames of persons:$g1.1.1.$tFirst and subsequent uses of names$g1.2.3.$tTitles of authors ;$g1.1.3.$tNames of authors and fictional characters ;$g1.1.4.$tNames in languages other than English. --$g1.2$tTitles of sources:$g1.2.1.$tCapitalization and punctuation ;$g1.2.2.$tItalics and quotation marks ;$t1.2.3.$tShortened titles ;$g1.2.4.$tTitles within titles ;$g1.2.5.$tTitles of sources in languages other than English. --$g1.3.$tQuotations:$g1.3.1.$tUse and accuracy of quotations ;$g1.3.2.$tProse ;$g1.3.3.$tPoetry ;$g1.3.4.$tDrama ;$g1.3.5.$tEllipsis ;$g1.3.6.$tOther alterations of quotations ;$g1.3.7.$tPunctuation with quotations ;$g1.3.8.$tTranslations of quotations. --$g1.4.$tNumbers:$g1.4.1.$tUse of numerals or words ;$g1.4.2.$tCommas in numbers ;$g1.4.3.$tInclusive numbers ;$g1.4.4.$tRoman numerals. --$g1.5.$tDates and times. --$g1.6.$tAbbreviations: --$g1.6.1.$tMonths ;$g1.6.2.$tCommon academic abbreviations ;$g1.6.3.$tPublisher's names ;$g1.6.4.$tTitles of works. --
505 80 $g2. Works cited:$g2.1.$tNames of authors:$g. 2.1.1.$gVariant forms ;$g2.1.2.$tTitles and suffixes ;$g2.1.3.$tCorporate authors. --$g2.2.$tTitles:$g2.2.1.$tIntroduction, preface, foreword, or afterword ;$g2.2.2.$tTranslations of titles. --$g2.3.$tVersions. --$g2.4.$tPublisher. --$g2.5.$tLocational elements:$g2.5.1.$tPlus sign with page number$g2.5.2.$tURLS and DOIs. --$g2.6.$tPunctuation in the works-cited list:$g2.6.1.$tSquare brackets ;$g2.6.2.$tForeword slash. --$g2.7.$tFormatting and ordering the works-cited list:$g2.7.1.$tLetter-by-letter alphabetization ;$g2.7.2.$tMultiple works by one author ;$g2.7.3.$tMultiple works by coauthors ;$g2.7.4.$tAlphabetizing by title ;$g2.7.5.$tCross-references. --
505 80 $g3.$tIn-text citations:$g3.1.$tAuthor:$g3.1.1.$tCoauthors$g3.1.2.$tCorporate author. --$g3.2$tTitle:$g3.2.1.$tAbbreviating titles of sources ;$g3.2.2.$tDescriptive terms in place of titles. --$g3.3$tNumbers in in-text citations:$g3.3.1.$tStyle of numerals ;$g3.3.2.$tNumbers in works available in multiple editions ;$g3.3.3.$tOther citations not involving page numbers. --$g3.4.$tIndirect sources. --$g3.5.$tRepeated use of sources. --$g3.6.$tPunctuation in the in-text citation. --$g4.$tCitations in forms other than print. --$gPractice template. -- Index.
505 0_ $aPrinciples of MLA style. Introduction ; Why document sources? ; Plagiarism and academic dishonesty ; Think: evaluating your sources ; Select: gathering information about your sources ; Organize: creating your documentation -- Details of MLA style. Introduction ; The mechanics of scholarly prose ; Works cited ; In-text citations ; Citations in forms other than print.
520    $a"The Modern Language Association, the authority on research and writing, takes a fresh look at documenting sources in the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook. Works are published today in a dizzying range of formats. A book, for example, may be read in print, online, or as an e-book--or perhaps listened to in an audio version. On the Web, modes of publication are regularly invented, combined, and modified. Previous editions of the MLA Handbook provided separate instructions for each format, and new formats required additional instructions. In this groundbreaking new edition of its best-selling handbook, the MLA recommends instead one universal set of guidelines, which writers can apply to any source."--Back cover.
650 _0 $aReport writing$vHandbooks, manuals, etc.
650 _0 $aResearch$vHandbooks, manuals, etc.
650 _0 $aBibliographical citations$vHandbooks, manuals, etc.
650 _7 $aBibliographical citations$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst00831333
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650 _7 $aWissenschaftliches Arbeiten.$0(DE-588)4066571-9$2gnd
650 _7 $aWissenschaftliches Manuskript.$0(DE-588)4066596-3$2gnd
655 _7 $aHandbooks and manuals.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01423877
655 _7 $aHandbooks and manuals.$2lcgft
710 2_ $aModern Language Association of America.
776 08 $iOnline version:$tMLA Handbook.$bEighth edition.$dNew York : The Modern Language Association of America, [2016]$z9781603292641$w(DLC) 2015047757
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