The eastern Islamic world, eleventh to eighteenth centuries

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  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 620-680) and index.


  • Introduction: Islam in a plural Asia / David O. Morgan and Anthony Reid -- The impact of the Steppe peoples -- The steppe peoples in the Islamic world / Edmund Bosworth -- The early expansion of Islam in India / André Wink -- Muslim India: the Delhi sultanate / Peter Jackson -- The rule of the infidels: the Mongols and the Islamic world / Beatrice Forbes Manz -- Tamerlane and his descendants: from paladins to patrons / Maria E. Subtelny -- The gunpowder empires -- Iran under Safavid rule / Sholeh A. Quinn -- Islamic culture and the Chinggisid restoration: Central Asia in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries / R.D. McChesney -- India under Mughal rule / Stephen Dale -- The maritime oecumene -- Islamic trade, shipping, port-states and merchant communities in the Indian Ocean, seventh to sixteenth centuries / Michael Pearson -- Early Muslim expansion in South-East Asia, eighth to fifteenth centuries / Geoff Wade -- Follow the white camel: Islam in China to 1800 / Zvi Ben-Dor Benite -- Islam in South-East Asia and the Indian Ocean littoral, 1500-1800: expansion, polarisation, synthesis / Anthony Reid -- South-East Asian localisations of Islam and participation within a global umma, c. 1500-1800 / R. Michael Feener -- Transition: the end of the old order -- Iran in the eighteenth century / G.R. Garthwaite -- THEMES -- Conversion to Islam / Richard W. Bulliet -- Armies and their economic basis in Iran and the surrounding lands, c. 1000-1500 / Reuven Amitai -- Commercial structures / Scott C. Levi -- Transmitters of authority and ideas across cultural boundaries, eleventh to eighteenth centuries / Muhammad Qasim Zaman
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