Deadly injustice : Trayvon Martin, race, and the criminal justice system

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Acknowledgments -- Foreword: the racial double homicide of Trayvon Martin / Lawrence D. Bobo -- Introduction: race, criminal justice, and the death of Trayvon Martin / Devon Johnson, Patricia Y. Warren, and Amy Farrell -- Who is in danger? -- Profiling Trayvon : young black males, suspicion, and surveillance / Jacinta M. Gau and Kareem L. Jordan -- Presumed danger : race, bias, stigma, and perceptions of crime and criminals / Kevin M. Drakulich and Laura Siller -- Policed, punished, dehumanized : the reality for young men of color living in America / Victor M. Rios -- Threat, danger, and vulnerability : Trayvon Martin and Gwen Araujo / Toya Like, Lori Sexton, and Savannah Porter -- Where do you stand? -- Go ahead and shoot : the law might have your back : history, race, implicit bias, and justice in Florida's stand your ground law / Katheryn Russell-Brown -- The dangers of racialized perceptions and thinking by law enforcement / David A. Harris -- The acquittal of George Zimmerman : race and judges' perceptions about the accuracy of not guilty verdicts / Amy Farrell, Patricia Y. Warren, Devon Johnson, Jordyn L. Rosario, and Daniel Givelber -- Up to no good : the context of adolescent discrimination in neighborhoods / Bryan L. Sykes, Alex R. Piquero, Jason Gioviano, and Nicolas Pittman -- Which voices count? -- From Simpson to Zimmerman : examining the effects of race, class, and gender in the failed prosecution of two highly publicized, racially divisive cases / Delores Jones-Brown and Henry F. Fradella -- Divided by race : differences in the perception of injustice / Isaac Unah and Valerie Wright -- The Zimmerman verdict : media, political reaction, and public response in the age of social networking / Chenelle A. Jones and Mia Ortiz -- Read between the lines : what determines media coverage of youth homicide? / Heather M. Washington and Valerie Wright -- Afterword: reducing racialized violence and deracializing justice / Doris Marie Provine and Ruth D. Peterson -- About the contributors -- Index
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