Securing livelihoods for all : foresight for action

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Staff

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  • Description based upon print version of record.
  • Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters.
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  • ""Foreword""; ""Acknowledgements""; ""Table of contents""; ""Executive summary""; ""Key findings""; ""Key recommendations""; ""Chapter 1 Why we need bold action to secure livelihoods""; ""Progress on livelihoods: the end of an era?""; ""The outlook for livelihoods is fragile""; ""Economic growth is not benefitting everyone""; ""The trend of "jobless growth"""; ""The global economy remains vulnerable""; ""Population dynamics are shifting""; ""Environmental degradation will affect us all""; ""Technology is both threat and opportunity""; ""Insecurity and conflict have far-reaching consequences""
  • ""Governments are ill-equipped to meet the livelihood challenge""""Five possible livelihood futures""; ""Scenario 1: "Automated North"""; ""Automation proceeds faster than expected and affects ageing societies in particular""; ""Scenario 2: "Droughts and joblessness in the South"""; ""Droughts become widespread in large parts of the developing world, challenging livelihoods in regions with large youthful populations""; ""Scenario 3: "Global financial crash"""; ""A new, major financial crisis triggers a collapse of the global trading system and a shift to protectionism""
  • ""Scenario 4 "Regenerative economies"""""Technological innovations create enough new jobs for most people and economic activity becomes more sustainable""; ""Scenario 5 "Creative societies"""; ""Diverse experiments and initiatives at the local level focus on individual resilience and social well-being.""; ""Bold actions for a brighter future""; ""Global preventive and adaptive action""; ""Sustaining livelihoods calls for innovative national policies""; ""Local initiatives are central to resilient societies""; ""A call for action""; ""Note""; ""References""
  • ""Chapter 2 The state of the world's livelihoods""""Livelihoods are not just about surviving but also thriving""; ""Promoting resilience and inclusiveness requires a more rounded understanding of livelihoods""; ""Progress in global well-being since 1820 has been remarkable""; ""The poverty picture is complex""; ""Poverty is concentrated in a few regions""; ""Poverty relative to total population is decreasing in all regions""; ""A large share of the world's population is at risk of falling back into extreme poverty""; ""Alternative poverty measures provide additional insights""
  • ""Global unemployment is on the rise""""The economic recession has affected employment in developed countries more severely""; ""Unemployment affects the poorest most""; ""Unemployment is particularly high among the young""; ""Conditions are precarious for the working poor in developing countries""; ""Wages in developing countries are catching up with developed countries""; ""Women's access to paid work remains low""; ""Progress towards basic needs is variable""; ""Most significant progress has been made in health""; ""Hunger still affects the developing world""
  • ""Access to basic infrastructure remains very uneven in the developing world""