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  • Australia was once part of a super-continent and its deserts were covered in forests. Once joined to Antarctica, it split off and moved northwards into warmer climes, whilst Antarctica became an icy wasteland. Australia's move forced life forms to adapt, evidenced in some of its endemic wildlife. A BBC/Science Channel co-production.


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  • Australian Continent (1:59) -- Platypus History (3:28) -- Prehistoric Glossopteris Forest (4:29) -- Gondwana Evidence (2:07) -- Coober Pedy (3:34) -- Opal Formation (3:49) -- Songline Strategy (3:19) -- Great Artesian Basin (3:28) -- Australian Rift Valley (3:41) -- Antarctic Circumpolar Current (5:16) -- Australia's Endemic Species (5:23) -- Banda Sea Continental Collision (6:41) -- Australia's Continental Future (2:03) -- Credits: Australia: Rise of the Continents (0:35)
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