Women in American Politics

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  • This program with Bill Moyers looks at the rising number of women on the political scene and their impressions of politics. Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, former Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin, Senator Carol Moseley Braun, and other female politicians talk about the challenges women candidates face, describe their experiences in male bastions of power, why it's important for women to participate in politics, and what women bring to governing our nation.


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  • New Political Perspective (0:54) -- Sponsor Message: Women in American Politics (0:56) -- Gender Imbalance in Congress (1:21) -- Response to Thomas/Hill Hearings (2:39) -- Search for Political Outsiders (2:59) -- Challenging Gender and Racial Status Quo (4:04) -- Running for Senate Diversity (5:01) -- Electing a Fresh Perspective (3:18) -- Incremental Political Gender Changes (3:00) -- Remaining Independent (3:47) -- Soliciting Campaign Funds (4:03) -- Bipartisan Support for Women's Issues (3:47) -- Female vs. Male Governance (4:12) -- Empowering Female Politicians (1:34) -- Breaking the Glass Ceiling (4:07) -- Expanding Washington Priorities (2:14) -- Right to Choose (3:19) -- Promoting Equal Representation (3:19) -- Credits: Women in American Politics (1:18)
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