The Power Game-Chiang Kai-shek and His Families, Episode 3

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  • The War of Resistance was the most arduous and glorious chapter in the history of China. This program examines events involving Chiang Kai-shek and Mei-ling Soong, Chiang's sons Chiang Ching-kuo and Chiang Wei-kuo, H. H. Kung and Soong Ai-ling, T. V. Soong, and Sun Yat-sen's widow Soong Ching-ling during the War of Resistance (1937-45), which comprised the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. Commentary is provided by Chiang Kai-shek biographer Wang Feng; historian Chen Li-wen; Chiang Wei-kuo biographer Wang Shi-chun; Ma Ming-de, Minister of the Shanghai Revolutionary Liaison Department; Weng Yuan, a former lieutenant under Chiang Kai-shek; Chen Peng-ren, author of The Secret Files of Wang Jing-wei and Japan; Anna Chan Chennault, wife of General Claire L. Chennault; and others.


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  • Introduction: The Power Game- Chiang Kai-shek and His Families (0:50) -- KMT and CPC Cooperate (2:29) -- Chiang Ching-kuo and Chiang Fang-liang (3:16) -- Chiang Ching-kuo and Father (1:14) -- Chiang Chinng-kuo and Chiang Wei-kuo (1:12) -- Chiang Wei-kuo's Military Education (2:00) -- War with Japan (1:46) -- Moving Capital to Chongquing (2:54) -- Japan Seeks to Exploit Division (3:11) -- Chiang and Mei-ling During Bombardment (1:36) -- Chiang's Family During War (1:56) -- Wei-kuo Questions Parentage (2:19) -- Soong's Return (1:17) -- Chiang Sends Soong to U.S. (1:24) -- Soong Conflicts with Shih (1:46) -- Family Versus Politics (2:11) -- Defense Supplies Inc. (2:56) -- T.V. Soong's Efforts (1:35) -- Soong Sisters' War Efforts (1:22) -- Soong Ching-ling's War Efforts (1:18) -- Mei-ling Soong's War Efforts (2:20) -- Kung and War Bonds Scandal (2:58) -- Legacy of Soong Family (3:14) -- Credits: Episode 3: The Power Game- Chiang Kai-shek and His Families (0:35)
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