The Pope and the People

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  • Two of the longest reigning popes held the office during a period of enormous upheaval throughout the world. This film examines the papacies of Pope Pius IX, and Pope Leo XIII, both of whom had to accept new secular, liberal states in favor of a pluralist society. One denounced these secular values, while the other tried to lead the Church into the 20th century in a spirit of progress, realistic diplomacy, and conciliation?


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  • Chevalier de la Barre (1:08) -- Church and Latin America (2:12) -- State and Liberalism Versus Church (3:13) -- Joseph II (1:07) -- People, Monarch and Pope (2:45) -- French Revolution and the Church (2:43) -- Revolution Turns on Church (1:58) -- Revolution Turns on Christianity (1:01) -- Napoleon Plunders Rome (2:14) -- Eviction, Death and Legacy of Pius VI (1:44) -- Pius VII and Napoleon (3:04) -- Pius VII Comes to Paris (1:16) -- Napoleon's Coronation (1:39) -- Pius VII Imprisoned and Restored (2:04) -- Congress of Vienna (1:42) -- Leo XII (1:41) -- Pope Chooses Monarchy Over People (2:51) -- Pius IX Disappoints Italians (2:59) -- Italian Nationalists Defeat Pope (1:06) -- Changing Relationship of Pope and People (2:13) -- Popular Loyalty to Pius IX (1:31) -- Ultramontanes and Papal Infallibility (2:36) -- Pope Loses Land (0:58) -- Leo XIII (1:25) -- Rerum Novarum (1:07) -- Conservative Streak in Leo XIII (0:44) -- Credits: The Pope and the People: Saints and Sinners-The History of the Popes (1:04)
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