His Holiness the Dalai Lama : Facing Death and Dying Well

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  • This film is part of a unique and groundbreaking series that brings the work of the Dalai Lama to a wider audience - illuminating for all those interested in Buddhism, inner peace, and the path to enlightenment. In this program, His Holiness the Dalai Lama teaches about the truth of suffering, the three characteristics of existence (impermanence, suffering or dissatisfaction, and nonself), and the dissolution of the body's elements at death. He explains how meditating on impermanence and the momentary changing nature of existence helps one to appreciate the basic unsatisfactory nature of existence and to strive toward liberation - encouraging all to develop awareness of death and to move from gross understanding to more subtle levels of awareness overall. Produced by the Meridian Trust.


  • Encoded with permission for digital streaming by Films Media Group on July 05, 2013.
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  • Portions in Tibetan with English translation.


  • Getting Practical About Death (6:11) -- Resilience Through Adversity (4:18) -- Broad Perspective on Events (3:29) -- Impermanence (5:29) -- Preparing for Death (2:32) -- Three Stages of Existence (4:29) -- "Clear Light" State of Mind (7:39) -- Death and Rebirth (3:44) -- Respect for Science (1:32) -- "My Attitude Toward Death" (3:19) -- Preparing for Death (1:43) -- Opportunity in Death (1:58) -- Preparing for Opportunity (0:53) -- No Matter What You Believe (2:32) -- Balance (0:59) -- Dealing with Attachment (4:40) -- Accidental/Sudden Death (3:23) -- Peaceful vs. Sudden/Violent Death (2:44) -- Death from State of Coma (4:41) -- Handling Anger at Terminal Illness (4:33) -- Assisted Death (3:33) -- Interfering with Death (4:06) -- Overcoming Negative Karma (2:50) -- Understanding Karma Theory (8:55) -- Credits: His Holiness the Dalai Lama: Facing Death and Dying Well (2:16)
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