Inside China - The Kazakhs : Disappearing World

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  • This film looks at the Islamic Kazakhs of Xinjiang - an autonomous province in northwestern China - in particular the nomadic Naiman tribe. Following these famous horsemen on their annual migration to summer pastures in the Tian Shan Mountains, the film looks at the way in which they organize their affairs and the schooling of their children, while exploring how the revolution has affected their traditional way of life. Amid the Chinese policy of moving as many Han as possible from the overcrowded central areas of China to the less populated border areas such as Xinjiang, the continued cultural independence of the Kazakhs is an open question. This program not only gives an understanding of the Kazakh society, but also offers insights into the conflicts of domination and independence.


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  • Best of Two Worlds (1:48) -- Bridging Tradition and Communism (1:58) -- Retaining Islamic Cultural Identity (2:59) -- Collectivizing Private Wealth (1:28) -- Seasonal Herding (2:05) -- Maintaining Cultural Heritage (3:12) -- Pillar of a Nomadic Tribe (2:25) -- Challenges of Modernity (2:27) -- A Kazakh Celebration (4:11) -- A Kazakh Communist School (4:02) -- Connected by Commerce (1:25) -- Collective System in Communist China (3:19) -- Bureaucracy in Rural China (2:59) -- Wool for China's Cotton Industry (1:48) -- Kazakh Gender Roles (1:17) -- Religion in Communist China (0:45) -- Healthcare in the Tribal Collective (5:05) -- New Marriage Customs (5:39) -- Generational Changes (1:43) -- A Nomadic Cultural Practice (1:16) -- Credits: Inside China - The Kazakhs: Disappearing World (0:49)
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