14 Up : South Africa

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  • Spotlighting the age of 14, this program continues the South African version of the famed British documentary series Up, in which participants are featured every seven years speaking about the society around them. From Capetown to Durban to Soweto, viewers reenter the lives of each youthful subject to learn about his or her goals, dreams, fears, and frustrations. Dramatic political changes have taken place in South Africa since the last episode was filmed, and it is clear that many of these young people are undergoing a transformation as well. Some are rethinking what they believe is possible or impossible in the future. Others are coming to terms with the darkness of the nation's past and their own previous attitudes, as when Willem looks back on his racist comments of seven years ago and recognizes their stupidity. For exploring South Africa's recent history there is no more powerful visual aid than this street-level study.


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  • South Africa's Youth in a Post-Apartheid Society (2:25) -- Childhood Friendships Growing Apart (2:53) -- Personal Challenges in South Africa (2:02) -- Getting into Trouble in Post-Apartheid South Africa (2:20) -- Dealing with Family Losses (5:46) -- Adolescent Relationships in South Africa (5:49) -- Post-Apartheid Modernization (1:35) -- Becoming Aware of Social Inequality (2:13) -- Mandela Brings Relative Peace (2:40) -- After School Activities (1:35) -- South African Role Models (5:02) -- Parental Role Models (1:05) -- South Africa's Shantytowns Since Apartheid (4:54) -- Post-Apartheid Attitudes toward Black South Africans (1:41) -- Violence in Post-Apartheid South Africa (5:55) -- Education in Post-Apartheid South Africa (3:48) -- A Young South African Pragmatist (1:54) -- Teenage Socializing in Post-Apartheid South Africa (1:40) -- Teenage Love (2:55) -- Religion and Culture in South Africa (3:37) -- Maintaining Zulu Traditions (1:13) -- South African Teenage Career Aspirations (3:08) -- Mandela's Policies and the Younger Generation (3:44) -- Dreams and Hopes in a Post-Apartheid Society (2:04) -- Tracking Social Development after Apartheid (1:20) -- Credits: 14 Up: South Africa (0:58)
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