Born in the U.S.S.R. : 14 Up

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  • Brokenhearted, twins Stas and Dennis have lost their father. Following a modest funeral, which their mother could only arrange by borrowing money, they allow their feelings to seep out tearfully for the camera. Rita's village has become a tourist attraction and her father runs a pleasure boat for out-of-town visitors. She is also hospitalized for an illness that no one seems willing to discuss. And Andrei has moved to the United States, having been adopted by an American family. Somewhat mischievously, he shows off his toy bird cage - a possible metaphor for his new situation, although his homesickness isn't immediately apparent. Such are the post-Soviet-era stories running through this installment in the Russian version of the Up chronicles. Thanks to interwoven archival footage, viewers are given plenty of opportunities to compare and contrast this adolescent phase with the previous one, captured seven years earlier.


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  • Witnessing the Fall of the Soviet Union (2:05) -- A Communist Regime in Hindsight (1:57) -- From Communism to Consumer Heaven (2:46) -- A Russian Orthodox Priest's Daughter (4:03) -- Former Soviet Youth Let Loose (2:27) -- Adolescent Critique of Post-Soviet Russia (1:47) -- Freedom from the Soviet Union (1:34) -- Academically Gifted (2:03) -- Immigration Tension in Post-Soviet Russia (2:01) -- Starting Over in the U.S. (4:38) -- Defining Post-Soviet Independence (3:09) -- Social Tension in Post-Soviet Moscow (1:57) -- Leaving the Soviet Union (2:42) -- Corruption in Post-Soviet Russia (3:53) -- A Violent Transition from Communist Rule (2:23) -- Life in a Post-Soviet Republic (1:19) -- Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan (2:05) -- Upheaval after the U.S.S.R. Dissolved (3:05) -- Experiencing a Regime Collapse (4:18) -- Teenage Attitudes about Post-Soviet Education (4:19) -- Adjusting to the Post-Soviet Economy (2:45) -- Capitalism: the Lesser of Two Evils (2:37) -- Searching for a Home (3:27) -- Harmful Village Gossip (2:30) -- Family Upheaval in Post-Soviet Russia (2:23) -- Family Loss without State Support (3:26) -- Faith in Post-Soviet Russia (4:07) -- Post-Soviet Career Aspirations (3:33) -- Adolescent Hormones (5:09) -- Homesick for Russia (2:16) -- Following the U.S.S.R.'s Last Generation (1:16) -- Credits: Born in the U.S.S.R.: 14 Up (0:47)
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