Teach Me Different! : Problem-Solving and Self-Advocacy

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  • As an educator, working with a learning-disabled student requires being adept at problem-solving, analyzing tasks, figuring out different ways to teach the same thing, and tailoring the method to fit the child. In addition, the teacher must be able to communicate to the student how he or she learns most effectively and what techniques and methods best enhance that learning process. In this program, Sally L. Smith addresses this complex teacher/learner relationship, a two-way educational process designed, ultimately, to enable LD students to advocate for themselves.


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  • Problem Solving in LD Classroom (1:08) -- Animated Film by LD Students (1:52) -- Story of an LD Student: Self-Advocacy (0:57) -- Technique for Teaching Math (2:14) -- Manipulative Skills to Teach Math (1:26) -- Problem-Solving Exercise (2:09) -- Importance of Teaching Values in LD Classroom (2:25) -- Identification of Feelings in LD Classroom (1:47) -- Skill-building for LD Students (1:00) -- Behavior Management Systems in the LD Classroom (2:32) -- Positive Reinforcement in LD Classroom (2:22) -- How to Teach Kindness in the LD Classroom (2:22) -- How to Handle Frustration in the LD Classroom (2:05) -- Learning Disabilities and Anxiety (1:42) -- Behavior Problems in the Classroom (2:40) -- When a Child Is Negative (2:04) -- How to Help Students Focus (1:07) -- Role-Play Techniques (2:20) -- Problem Behavior in Elementary LD Classroom (1:05) -- How to Handle Difficult Students (3:13) -- Learning Disabilities and College Planning (2:30) -- Accommodations and Strategies for Learning Disabled Students in College (1:08) -- Career Counseling for LD Students (3:12) -- Task Analysis and Component Skills (3:25) -- Importance of Critical Thinking Skills (0:32) -- Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy (0:45) -- History and Academic Structure of the Lab School (2:42) -- Teaching Strategy: Academic Club Method (2:19) -- Academic Club Method in Junior High School (2:46)
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