A World Without War : March 1945-September 1945

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  • The final episode, A World Without War is Ken Burns' extraordinary look at the final months of WWII. In spring 1945, President Franklin Roosevelt warns Americans that although the Nazis are on the verge of collapse, the battle with Japan could stretch on for years. But in April, Roosevelt suddenly dies and another horror unfolds in Europe: Allied forces rapidly push across Germany and discover the true horrors of the Nazi's industrialized barbarism - concentration camps. On May 8, with Germany in ruins and their fuehrer dead, the Nazis surrender. But the fight against Japan grinds on until August 1945 when President Harry Truman orders the use of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, forcing rulers of Japan to admit defeat. In the following months and years, millions of young men return home to pick up the pieces of their lives and try to learn how to live in a world without war.


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  • Permanence of Evil (1:44) -- Roosevelt Addresses Nation (1:32) -- War Drags On (3:03) -- Ulithi (2:13) -- Okinawa (1:29) -- Kamikaze (3:18) -- Easy Landing (3:39) -- Multiple Kamikazes (2:58) -- Prisoners of War (2:16) -- Roosevelt Dies (2:51) -- 442nd Responds to FDR's Death (1:53) -- Getting Married on Leave (3:57) -- Soviets Advance Toward Berlin (1:41) -- Daniel Inouye (1:59) -- Operation on Inouye (1:53) -- The End for Germany (2:23) -- Discovering the Holocaust (2:46) -- Soldiers Reach Concentration Camp (3:41) -- Medical Experiments (2:00) -- Ludwigslust (1:28) -- Nazi Murder Toll (2:22) -- V-E Day (2:46) -- Reaction in Pacific to V-E (1:28) -- Stymied in Okinawa (1:52) -- Marines Battle on Okinawa (2:03) -- Bomber's Detachment from Horrors (0:59) -- Marines' Misery on Okinawa (2:07) -- Toll of Okinawa (2:05) -- Anticipation of Worse Fighting in Japan (2:42) -- Demand for Unconditional Surrender (1:33)
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