Detective Shi and the Stolen Brides : Human Trafficking in China

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  • Due to a traditional preference for male offspring, rural China now suffers from a shortage of women - and, in turn, an increase in kidnapping and human trafficking. This documentary follows a determined Chinese investigator as he attempts to locate and free a young trafficking victim. In the process, viewers learn about the problem of human trafficking and its mechanisms, which feed brothels and massage parlors as well as "customers" in remote villages who cannot find wives through legitimate ways. In some locations, the program illustrates, half of all female residents were purchased from human traffickers and a tacit system of neighborhood monitoring exists to prevent victims from escaping.


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  • Detective Shi's Mission (1:14) -- Statistics on China's Human Trafficking Problem (1:40) -- Mechanics of Female Abduction (1:57) -- China's Boom: Gender Balance in Rural China (5:11) -- Account of Traffic Victim Rescue (3:18) -- Marriage Brokers (1:28) -- Trafficking of Vietnamese Women (3:54) -- Detective Shi Contacts Local Police (2:40) -- Life in Haikou City, Southern China (2:55) -- Meeting Potential Wives (5:17) -- Detective Shi's Rescue Operation (3:48) -- Detective Shi's Next Case (2:43) -- China's One Child Policy (4:41) -- China's Abandoned Females (2:16) -- Detective Shi's Next Rescue (5:27) -- Prosecuting Human Traffickers (2:53) -- Credits: Detective Shi and the Stolen Brides: Human Trafficking in China (0:21)
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