Nomads : Gold of the Himalayas

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  • The Changpa people live cut off from the rest of the world on a barren, 4,000-meter-high plateau in the southeast of Ladakh, in the Kashmir Himalayas. Here, livestock must search far and wide to pry something edible from the earth. Inhospitable as it is, the region is also home to a living treasure: Changpa goats, which grow a fine wool - but only at extremely high altitudes and in bitterly cold winters. The wool is then brushed out in the early summer and sold in the capital city as the precious Pashmina, the "Gold of the Changthang." This program follows a group of Changpa nomads as they undertake another arduous trading journey - one that will make possible more beautiful cashmere textiles valued by garment manufacturers and consumers around the world.


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  • Gold of the Himalayas: Pashmina Wool (4:08) -- Generational Tradition (1:57) -- Marriage: Polyandry (2:16) -- Nightfall in the Changthang (1:10) -- Daytime Activities (2:25) -- Changpa: Decisions and Dice (1:15) -- Changpa: Women's Activities (1:39) -- Horse Round-Up & Breaking Up Camp (3:58) -- Nomads on the Move (1:33) -- New Camp for the Changpa (2:51) -- Buddhist Rituals for Wellness (1:14) -- Changpa: Men's Work (2:20) -- Threat to Traditions (2:38) -- In Honor of the Spirits (1:26) -- In Honor of the Buddha (2:26) -- New Leader (2:09) -- Traditional Horse Race (1:53) -- Winter in the Changthang (2:01) -- Winter Cold and Pashmina (2:49) -- Pashmina Goes to Market (1:15) -- Market in Leh, Capital of Ladakh (2:14) -- Religious Devotion (1:55) -- Marriage Made Official (1:26) -- Changpa: Uncertain Future (2:41) -- Credits: Nomads: Gold of the Himalayas (0:25)
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