The Last of the Cuiva

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  • This is the story of the last 600 of the dying Cuiva tribe in southeastern Colombia, for the most part still living a Stone Age existence as naked hunters and gatherers. The film focuses on changes in their culture and society, brought about through contact with Colombian settlers. We see two contrasting groups of Cuiva: The first is relatively isolated and lives the traditional nomadic life, as the men hunt and fish and the women gather. The second group has been drawn into the Colombian economy, working occasionally for the ranchers in order to earn money and buy trade goods. The Cuiva seem to be living the present-day role of the North American Indians of 150 years ago: driven off their hunting grounds by the cowboys, massacred if they insist on fighting for their homes.


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  • Introduction: The Last of the Cuiva: Disappearing World (0:35) -- Anthropologist - Bernard Arcand Documents Cuiva (3:05) -- Fishing for Food (3:09) -- Social Significance of Sharing Food (2:07) -- Not an "Ongoing Society" (1:02) -- Indians Have no Rights to Homeland (2:36) -- Cuiva on the Move (2:43) -- Interview with White Settler Don Vincente (2:36) -- Roles of Men and Women Tribe Members (6:19) -- Every Man is Responsible for Himself (6:14) -- Interview with Rancher Gabriel Gonzalez (2:47) -- Cuiva Introduce Possessions Slowly (5:06) -- Cuiva's Contact With the Other Culture (6:37) -- Practice of Doing Drugs (3:39) -- Cuiva Share Stories of Slaying (4:08) -- Llaneros Celebrate a Christian Holiday (2:55) -- Reincarnation of Cuiva Soul (2:45) -- Death of a Culture (4:15) -- Credits: The Last of the Cuiva: Disappearing World (0:46)
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