The Vatican's Lost War : Pope John XXIII's Council a Half-Century Later

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  • Shortly after his election in 1958, Pope John XXIII announced to an astonished world that he planned to convene an Ecumenical Council in Rome-an event that became known as the Second Vatican Council or Vatican II. Produced on the 50th anniversary of the historic gathering, this film presents interviews with high-ranking clergy members and Church officials with detailed knowledge of how Vatican II came about. Not least among these is Loris Francesco Capovilla, Pope John XXIII's personal friend and private secretary, who describes the trepidation he felt when the Holy Father told him what he intended to do. The film also explores the repercussions of Vatican II through the years and how they relate to the dilemmas facing the Catholic Church today.


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  • Father Lagrange's Traditionalism (1:47) -- Vatican II (1:50) -- Reformer/Traditionalist Split (1:21) -- Need to Overcome Reactionary History (2:40) -- Catholic Power Structure (2:42) -- Vatican II Gridlock (1:39) -- Calls for Focus on the Poor (2:42) -- Liturgy in Vernacular (2:17) -- Increased Religious Toleration (2:02) -- Salvation Available to All Religions (2:41) -- 60s Turmoil and Church Reaction (1:13) -- Contraception Controversy (2:02) -- Schismatic Opponents of Vatican II (3:14) -- John Paul II (1:19) -- John Paul II, Communism and Liberation Theology (2:03) -- John Paul II Steers Church to Right (3:17) -- Legion of Christ (1:18) -- Vatican Ignores Maciel Warnings (1:43) -- Benedict XVI and Maciel (1:51) -- Benedict XVI and Vatican II Opponents (2:22) -- Holocaust Denier Bishop (1:20) -- Concessions to Vatican II Dissenters (1:17) -- Reformist Rebellion (2:22) -- Ordination of Women Debate (1:23) -- Celibacy Requirement and Pedophilia (2:17) -- Dying Church (2:14) -- Credits: The Vatican's Lost War: Pope John XXIII's Council a Half-Century Later (0:59)
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