Rise of unitary executive power

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  • How far can a President go to defend the nation? This program examines the unprecedented presidential power that some say has been amassed by the Bush administration-and wielded, often secretly, in the name of national security. Bill Moyers gets perspective from two experts on the limits and abuses of federal power: Charles Fried, who teaches Constitutional law at Harvard Law School and served as solicitor general in the Reagan Administration, and Fritz Schwarz, who served as chief counsel to the Church Committee, which uncovered decades of abuse by the CIA and other intelligence agencies.


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  • Bush Administration: Presidential Secrecy (3:34) -- Post-Vietnam War: Illicit Executive Acts (2:50) -- Bush Administration: Constitutional Abuses? (3:30) -- Can the President Break the Law? (3:21) -- Bush Administration and Congress (4:01) -- Torture and Warrant-less Wiretapping (4:27) -- Government Secrecy and Lack of Oversight (3:17) -- Case for Invading Iraq (4:58) -- President Bush and Secret Government (3:44) -- Dick Cheney and Presidential Power (4:43) -- Dick Cheney: Grasp for Power (4:46) -- Issues of Torture: U.S. International Reputation (4:20) -- Cheney-Bush Administration Promotes Partisanship (3:04) -- Checks and Balances on President Bush? (2:21)
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