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Bipolar : Life Between Two Extremes

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  • Miami Airport, December 7, 2005: a jet passenger begins yelling about a bomb threat and bolts for the door. Refusing to comply with two U.S. marshals, he is eventually shot to death. The cause of his outburst - bipolar disorder, not terrorism - comes to light soon after, proffering another tragic example of how volatile and misunderstood the disease is. This program examines the lives of people who have struggled for decades with bipolar disorder, once known as manic depression. Through case studies and discussions of recent research, the film shows how each patient has overcome the grip of debilitating despair and hyperactive euphoria, and how advances in psychology and neuroscience are helping such individuals lead better, more productive lives.


  • Encoded with permission for digital streaming by Films Media Group on June 22, 2011.
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  • Introduction to Bipolar: Life Between Two Extremes (2:30) -- Introduction to Marylou Selo (2:35) -- Experience of Mania (3:21) -- Mental Fragmentation (1:16) -- Mania: Like Falling in Love (1:55) -- Example of Hypomanic Episode (4:11) -- Risk-Taking and Bipolar Disorder (2:52) -- Suicide (0:57) -- Paradoxical Mood Elevation (3:30) -- Misdiagnosing Bipolar Disorder (3:46) -- Improvement with Proper Diagnosis and Medication (3:06) -- Mixed State (1:17) -- Effect of Heredity in Bipolar (0:46) -- Zurich Study of Bipolar Disorder (2:57) -- Bipolar and Creativity (2:18) -- Prophylaxis in Bipolar Disorder (1:17) -- Update on Marylou Selo (1:13) -- Advice to Manic Depressives (2:11) -- Summary: Bipolar: Life Between Two Extremes (1:38)
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