It's the Law

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  • The laws of the criminal justice system are primarily framed by the Constitution, which sets the standards of due process. In this program, lawyers, prosecutors, and judges explain the differences between misdemeanors and felonies, the various degrees of crimes, and the elements of a crime. Investigation procedures in the gathering of evidence and statements are discussed. Legal experts and police officers clearly illustrate such concepts as 5th Amendment rights, Miranda warnings, the "stop and frisk" rule, search warrants, and the "knock and announce" rule. Probable cause and arrest procedures are also demonstrated.


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  • Laws and Society (2:44) -- Types of Crimes (3:34) -- Personal Crimes and Property Crimes (4:04) -- Police Investigations (4:10) -- Interrogations (2:32) -- Types of Searches (5:07) -- Arrests and the Miranda Warning (3:12) -- Booking Process (2:40) -- Fair and Unbiased Systems (0:48)
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