Andrew J. Bacevich on the U.S. imperial presidency

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  • Is an imperial presidency destroying what America stands for? In this episode of the Journal, Bill Moyers sits down with retired U.S. Army Colonel Andrew J. Bacevich, who identifies three major problems facing American democracy-crises of economy, government, and militarism-and calls for a redefinition of the American way of life. Respected by Republicans and Democrats alike, Bacevich is author of The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism. "Because of this preoccupation with, fascination with, the presidency, the President has become what we have instead of genuine politics. Instead of genuine democracy," says Bacevich.


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  • Current State of America (1:58) -- "Set Thine House in Order" (1:20) -- Pursuit of Freedom in Age of Consumerism (1:40) -- Military Maintenance of a Dysfunctional System (1:11) -- Conversation about American Posture in the World (1:39) -- Where is the National Effort to Protect America? (1:36) -- Too Much War for Too Few Soldiers (1:05) -- Strategic Significance of the Persian Gulf (2:14) -- Empire of Consumption (2:03) -- How Will America Pay for Entitlement? (2:13) -- The Moment America Lost Control of Its Economic Fate (1:11) -- The "Malaise Speech" (2:26) -- "Modern Prophet of Profligacy" (1:36) -- Is the American Way of Life Negotiable? (1:08) -- Squandering Power and Freedom (2:23) -- Sustaining Dysfunctional America (1:39) -- Political Crisis of America (2:13) -- Full Spectrum Dominance (3:36) -- Enhancements in IED Capability (1:51) -- Return to the Just War Tradition (0:46) -- How to Fight the War on Terror (2:02) -- American Denial of Internal Issues (2:38) -- Preoccupation with the President (1:51) -- Problems with the "Imperial Presidency" (1:09) -- Andrew J. Bacevich: Great Lies about American Politics (1:44) -- Recent Record of Democratic Congress (1:26) -- Abdication of Civic Responsibility (3:05) -- Rethinking the American Way (2:43)
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