Money : who creates it? who controls it? who profits?

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  • In this program, Turkish filmmaker Isaac Isitan investigates recent economic crises in Turkey and Argentina, with a focus on their roots and their effects upon the middle classes in both countries. How could these two countries have gone bankrupt within a decade? The financial turmoil began in the 1980s, when the IMF ordered structural adjustment programs in the agricultural industry and the privatization of government businesses to fund payment of external debts. Furthermore, banks faced with insolvency began closing their doors, denying account-holders access to their life savings. Confronted by a lack of money, citizens in both countries reinvent it through large-scale bartering systems.


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  • The HIdden Side of Money (2:33) -- Buried in Debt (2:45) -- Reducing Production (2:24) -- Turkey: IMF and World Bank Direct Structural Adjustment (2:53) -- Protesting the IMF (2:55) -- Price of Hunger (2:33) -- Privatization: Job Killer (1:36) -- Protesting Privatization (2:21) -- Corralito (2:47) -- Exodus of the Banks (1:02) -- Dollarization: Destroying an Economy (2:54) -- Bankrupting a Nation (2:27) -- Against the Wall:The Fluctuating Dollar (1:57) -- Food Distribution Centers (1:38) -- IMF: Friend or Foe (1:49) -- Financial Leaders (1:54) -- Argentina Rejoices (3:58) -- Faith in the Dollar (2:02) -- Money: LIfeblood of Economy (1:56) -- Parallel Economy (2:44) -- Growing an Economy (2:50) -- Local Currencies (2:37) -- Time is Money (1:33) -- Ithaca Hours (3:21) -- Community Support (3:50) -- Building Self-Sufficient Economies (1:53)
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