Total war : war takes its toll on day-to-day life

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  • As the strain of total war increased on both sides, the Union and Confederacy each bitterly fought on in an effort to break the other's will. Topics in this program range from draft riots in the North and the Union's recruitment of African-Americans, to the hardships imposed on the South by the ongoing coastal blockade and Sherman's March to the Sea, to the wartime leadership of Lincoln and Davis, to the battles that shaped the beginning of the end of the Civil War: Chickamauga, Second Chattanooga, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, and Mobile Bay. Commentary by Eric Foner, Shelby Foote, James Robertson, Henry Steele Commager, and William Still is featured.


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  • Remembering the Prisoners of War (1:43) -- Brothers War (3:54) -- War Photography (1:49) -- Protesting the Draft - The New York Draft Riots (1:56) -- Race Riots (1:38) -- The 54th & 55th Massachusetts Regiments (2:55) -- Preventing the Slave Insurrection (3:06) -- Introducing Industry (2:48) -- Lincoln - Flexible Policy (3:30) -- The North Heads to Atlanta (2:21) -- The Battle of Chickamauga Creek (2:17) -- The Mighty North (2:27) -- Blockade Runners (2:31) -- The Battle at New Market (2:55) -- Technology of War (1:41) -- The Wilderness Battlefield (2:26) -- Total War: Massive Casualties (2:37) -- Atlanta Under Attack (3:16) -- Mobile Bay (3:01)
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