The Unwinking gaze : inside story of Dalai Lama's struggle for Tibet

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  • Filmed over the course of three years, this documentary offers viewers unprecedented access to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his inner circle as they work together to convince the Chinese government of the need for a negotiated settlement on the future of Tibet. The result is a truly unique portrait of a widely revered world leader as he struggles to strike a balance between his spiritual beliefs and the realpolitik required to draw an extremely reluctant China into discussion. The Unwinking Gaze is not three years in the life of the Dalai Lama; it is his life's work condensed into three years.


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  • Invitation to Consider Both Sides (2:34) -- Dalai Lama Sound Bytes (2:03) -- Canada's Position on Tibet (1:01) -- Mixed Political Messages (1:51) -- Candid Interview with Dalai Lama (1:08) -- Backstage at Dalai Lama's Public Talk (1:59) -- Dalai Lama in Ottawa, Canada (1:30) -- Can Britain Influence the Chinese? (1:01) -- Britain says "Free Tibet" (1:42) -- Is the Door to Negotiation Open> (1:17) -- A Blessing from His Holiness (1:25) -- Dalai Lama's Position on Tibetan Independence (0:55) -- Risk of Visiting the Dalai Lama (1:23) -- Pray for Rebirth and Enlightenment (1:33) -- China's Position in Tibet (1:18) -- Chinese Protesters in Liverpool (0:05) -- Dalai Lama on Tibet (2:21) -- Meeting with Advisers (2:07) -- Responsibility to the Future of Tibet (0:41) -- Growing Chines Occupation in Tibet (1:40) -- Is There a Middle Way (2:14) -- Report on Peace Talks (1:51) -- Too Early for Peace in China (1:24) -- Reconciling Buddhism with Science (2:08) -- Tibetan Buddhism and Science (1:41) -- Bodh Gaya, India: Center of the World (2:03) -- Briefing on Relations with China (1:57) -- Lhasa, Tiber, 1980 (1:05) -- Voice of a Tibetan Leader (1:47) -- Monks in Dharamsala, North India (1:46) -- Delayed Visit to Belgium (1:55) -- Comment on Delayed Visit to Belgium (1:45) -- Chinese Opinion on Dalai Lama (1:33) -- Common Interest of Two Nations (1:00) -- Does Tibet want Independence? (2:22) -- Way of the Dalai Lama (1:50) -- What Will Become of Tibet? (1:50) -- U.S. Congress Stands with Tibet (1:12) -- America Supports Tibet (1:15) -- Anti-China Protests. (1:29) -- Dalai Lama: Buddhist Leader First (1:42)
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