The Ghosts of My Lai

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  • On March 16, 1968, at the height of the Vietnam War, American soldiers killed 504 unarmed civilians in the village of My Lai. After a brief overview of the war and the home front backlash against it, this program seeks to understand the massacre and its aftermath through the interwoven narratives of three U.S. soldiers-radioman Fred Widmer, helicopter crewman Larry Colburn, and photographer Ron Haeberle-who were present on that horrific day. The first participated in the slaughter; the second intervened in it; and the third revealed it to the world. In a Pittsburgh classroom and in present-day My Lai, these deeply scarred veterans tell their unforgettable stories with candor, grief, and insight.


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  • What Happened at My Lai (1:15) -- Soldier's Sense of Duty (3:06) -- Beginning of the End (1:38) -- Arriving in Vietnam (1:28) -- Dehumanizing Behavior (1:25) -- Vietnam Footage from the Air (1:42) -- Search and Destroy (2:03) -- Before My Lai (2:01) -- Helicopters Over My Lai (1:21) -- Gunfire in My Lai (2:27) -- Surviving My Lai (1:27) -- Photographs of My Lai (2:00) -- You Can't Go Back (1:48) -- My Lai Massacre (2:37) -- Intervention in My Lai (2:43) -- My Lai Survivor (1:36) -- Support for Cover Up (2:04) -- A Wind of Change (1:14) -- Photographic Record of My Lai (2:22) -- Investigation into My Lai (1:30) -- Revealing the Event of My Lai (1:42) -- What Led To My Lai? (1:51) -- Reports from My Lai (1:37) -- Guilty Conviction (2:10) -- Appeasing the American Public (1:37) -- Profit from My Lai Memoir (1:22) -- Guilt and Forgiveness (3:22)
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